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Friday, 7 June 2013

Slendertone Abs - A Review

A little over a month ago, I was approached by Slendertone and asked whether I would be interested in trying out their new Slendertone Abs.

After having Evie back in November, and with my wedding day just around the corner, it goes without saying that I said YES PLEASE. As a busy Mum of two, I don't get the chance to exercise as often as I used to, so I was really looking forward to using the Slendertone to complement my existing routine.*

*which basically consists of long walks pushing a pram containing a 23lb baby with a buggy board attached (and a 3yo on top of it) and repeatedly lifting cups of tea and coffee to my mouth (and never finishing them).

The day my Slendertone arrived, I was VERY excited. Like the geek that I am, I read the accompanying instruction manual from cover to cover and one thing within it impressed me A LOT. Apparently 100% of users reported firmer, more toned abs within just four weeks. Not 90%. Not 95%. Not even 99%! ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF USERS. That's, like, EVERYONE. I wanted to get cracking straight away.

But before I tell you all about it, lets look at the equipment and how it works.

As part of the pack (which is available from the Slendertone online shop here for £119.99 - at the moment - usual price £149.99) you get the belt, the unit (which shows the timer, programme etc - and which you charge up), the unit connector (which connects the unit to the belt), the charger (YAY, no batteries required) and a pack of three adhesive pads (more are available at £11.99 a set).

The Slendertone works using Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, which stimulates the nerves and activates the body's natural muscle movements, toning and stengthening the muscles in the process. If you read that again, really, really slowly it kind of makes sense. A little bit.

So yes. I charged up my belt as soon as I received it and, that night, after the small people were in bed, I took my 'before' measurements and prepared myself for my first go. I had no idea what to expect and was convinced I'd electrocute myself.

The pads were cold and I wasn't too sure how tight to do the belt up, but settled on 'as tight as I can do it up without any help' and stuck with that for the rest of the month.  

The EMS felt quite ticklish when on a lower intensity, but I have to admit to letting out a few nervous laughs as I turned the intensity up. It's a strange sensation but it definitely doesn't hurt - you're perfectly capable of having a conversation with someone, even when using it on the highest intensity possible. 

The weirdest part of using the belt was removing the sticky gel pads afterwards, which involved suction noises (yes really) and seeing my saggy post-two-babies tummy skin being pulled taut before being released *shudder*
Over the last four weeks I've used my belt at least six times a week (for noticeable results within four weeks it is recommended that you use it five times a week) and I have been following the Passive Programme and 30-Day Plan (which are both in the instruction manual).

So. The bit you are all waiting for..... THE RESULTS!

First up, lets state some obvious facts. I have never had a washboard stomach. Ever. Not even pre-babies. So although I had visions of a perfectly flat, toned, tanned stomach, it was pretty obvious I wasn't going to achieve one. Not in four weeks anyway. Also, although I have always been fairly confident that I've had abdominal muscles in there somewhere, there has always been a layer of 'insulation' over the top of them. And I never expected Slendertone to magically remove that before allowing my inner six pack to reveal itself.

However, without any shadow of a doubt, I can confirm that my stomach started to feel firmer after two weeks. I can't really explain it but I was suddenly conscious of my abs; I could actually feel them. They ached a little, but in a good way, like after an Abs Blast class at the gym (which was a class I took regularly back in the 90s). 

And moving swiftly onto my 'after' measurements....

I have to say I'm pretty darn shocked. The clinical trials revealed an average 1.4 inch waist reduction but I lost 2 inches! Which is pretty impressive for lying on the sofa in your pants for half an hour a night for four weeks, is it not? Admittedly I've been following a healthy eating regime alongside using the Slendertone, but never before have I lost inches so quickly whilst dieting alone, so I'm certain that the Slendertone played a big part.  

Although it was never going to melt away fat, remove excess skin and give me the stomach of a supermodel, I do actually think my belt has worked and I'll continue to use it in the lead up to the wedding. I'll make sure I update you on my progress, but in the meantime I really would recommend this product as one that helps reduce waist measurement and increase muscle tone. If you have £120 to spare, give one a whirl xoxox


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