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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

BOB Revolution SE: A Review

With our upcoming nuptials LESS THAN TWELVE WEEKS AWAY (eeeeekk!) I found myself thinking recently that I really ought to up the exercise ante and tone up a bit if I want to fit into my dress (which I deliberately bought a size too small!). I've found it so hard to exercise since having Evie - I very rarely get any time to myself at all - and, when I do, I tend to just head out for a quick barefoot run around the block for half an hour before heading home to resume bath and bedtime duties or heading out for the day.

Then it suddenly dawned on me that I could actually take Evie with me on runs while Daisy was at nursery if I got myself a jogger - and completely by chance an opportunity arose for me to review the BOB Revolution SE. IT WAS A SIGN!

The BOB is a jogger and an off roader so really is the ultimate stroller for active and outdoorsy types. It is super lightweight, but very sturdy at the same time and has been very cleverly designed with comfort, for both parent and child, at the top of its list of priorities. 

The front wheel is lockable, which makes it perfect for when out jogging or on rough terrain, but can be used in swivel mode when out walking on the pavements. This means that it steers very easily and takes corners well too; that combined with its unique adjustable suspension and pneumatic tyres means it really is a super smooth ride.

Everything about this stroller seems large – large wheels, large seat, large hood, large shopping basket – however it is deceptively compact and easily fits through my slimline front door with no one-wheel-in-one-wheel-out manoeuvres and expletives required! The extra big sunshade is one of my favourite features - it comes right down and is made of really thick material that keeps the air beneath it cool on an extra hot day - plus it has a window so you can easily check up on your passenger without having to break your stride to peer around the front. 

The large seat is another favourite (and it has internal pockets on either side too which are perfect to tuck toys and snacks into!) and I have no doubt that this stroller actually would last a child up to the age of four. Even Daisy (a particularly tall pre-schooler) can sit in it comfortably. 


It has a soft padded handle, complete with wrist strap for added security, and a solid, foot activated bar brake that runs the whole width of the back of the stroller which is very easy to activate - very responsive - and holds perfectly.

It is SO easy to collapse (and unfold again) and I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that it wasn’t necessary to remove the wheels when put in the boot of the other half's Citroen Picasso.   

It is suitable for babies aged 6 months plus – although it is not recommended that it’s used off road or for jogging until they are 9 months plus – and it retails at a very reasonable £405.

SO! What do you get for £405? The basic package just includes the seat and chassis – however there are plenty of (very affordable) extra accessories available and I am looking to buy the full weather shield, cosy toes for winter, handlebar console (for that all important coffee, and a place to stash keys and phone etc for easy access) and a snack tray.

The only negative comment I have is that the seat’s most upright position is still quite reclined compared to other strollers I’ve tested. It also doesn’t recline completely horizontally. But that minor point aside, this really is a dream of a pram, perfect for active parents that enjoy spending time outdoors - although don't let that put you off considering this as a pavement pounder too! I've found this to be the smoothest ride on tarmac out of every pram I've ever tried/reviewed.xoxox



  1. I had one of these years back, imported in before britax took them on here. I loved it, best buggy of the untold amount that I had!

  2. I have just bought one of these, somwwhat cautiously but it has turned out to be the best buy ever! I absolutely love it. Completely agree with the comments about reclining the seat but it really isn't enough of a problem to put me off my lovely bob. On a different note, does anyone know where I can buy a handlebar console in the UK?


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