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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Petite Star NJOY Bubble Stroller: A Review

Choosing a new buggy is hard work. There are so many factors to take into consideration - and being a self confessed pram-aholic, I'm a pretty tough customer.

We have quite a few prams at Modern Mummy HQ - I have a different pram for different occasions (told you I'm an addict) - but one thing we didn't have, and something I desperately needed, was a lightweight umbrella fold stroller that we could easily take away with us.

When the people at Petite Star offered us the NJOY Bubble for review, all my prayers were answered! I had been contemplating buying a MacLaren or similar but, with Evie still quite little, was a bit sad at the thought of her facing outwards all the time. Not only do I like being able to see what the little monkey's up to, I quite like chatting to her when we're out and about too. The Petite Star NJOY Bubble solved my mama dilema as it's the very first umbrella fold stroller that can be parent or forward facing! How awesome is that?! And even better, you can flip between the two positions in a second and one handed! Want proof? Check out this video....


We chose the black and purple design to review, although there is also a black and silver version, and from the word go, I knew it was a winner.

It took just minutes to put together (the wheels just click into place and the hood slides into position - and then stays put whether you opt for the forward or parent facing seat option) and the first feature that made me happy (yes I'm easily pleased) was the folding lock WHICH ACTUALLY WORKS! I've reviewed so many strollers where the folding lock unclicks, and lifting a buggy that is beginning to unfold out of the car boot really is one of my pet hates.

The stroller is suitable from birth and comes with a head hugger, buckle cover and chest pads, which would make the stroller extra cosy for teeny tiny ones. However, with Evie being 8 months old, I decided that the first two weren't necessary and we're using the stroller without them (the buckle cover made doing the seat belt up a bit fiddly too, if I'm honest).

The seat is wide and padded and has three recline positions, including one which is entirely horizontal - great for naps! As you'll have seen in the video, switching the seat from forward facing to parent facing (or vice versa) only involves moving the hood inside out (so that the peak - another great feature - is facing the right way) and pressing a hand-sized button down to move the seat. This button is also how you recline the seat and I must comment on how easy and smooth the recline action is - there's no scrabbling around loosening buckles, or pressing two buttons and waking your little one up in the process.

You can fold it no matter what position the seat is in - and the rain cover works well in all positions too - plus there's no denying this is an attractive looking buggy. It's lightweight and compact and very easy to push and steer. It's also very solid and doesn't tip up when the handles are laden with shopping bags (although Evie does weigh a healthy 24lbs which probably helps!) 

The only slightly negative comment I have, and the same can be said for all umbrella strollers, is that it has a teeny tiny shopping basket. HOWEVER, the Petite Star basket has zips which make accessing the basket much easier. You might not be able to sling your shopping in there super easily but, with a bit of organization, you can actually fit a fair bit under there.

All in all we are super impressed with this stroller and it has become our day-to-day favourite; it's perfect for trips on public transport as it's slimline and so fits down the aisles on trains and buses without any problems - and can be folded up really easily if necessary - but at the same time it's also the perfect stroller to tuck into the car boot or to fly with, as it takes up very little space.

It retails at around £179.99 and is available from all good retailers.xoxox


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  1. I used expensive diapers up until 6 months or so, but all of the sudden I started getting regular leaks. I've had very, very few since I switched to honest. I tried expensive ones at the beginning and they were terrible. My daughter is long waisted and on the thin side, so that may account for the discrepancy, but that's my take.


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