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Monday, 26 August 2013

CarFest South: A Review

This weekend we added another Festival to our repertoire (our third one in three weekends!).

Yes, on Saturday we headed off to Laverstoke Park Farm in Overton, Hampshire for a day of fast cars, fly overs, fairground rides and fabulous festival food - and some pretty good music to boot. We LOVE the Laverstoke Park Farm Shop in Twickenham so the location alone made us pretty excited about going. We had an inkling there would be some delicious Buffalo Milk Ice Cream for sale - and that stuff is totally worth making a 52 mile round trip for!

But venue aside, I have to admit that CarFest wasn't on the top of my festival bucket list. I've never been a huge fan of cars, and I figured they would play a pretty big part in the weekend. The main reason we went was because my friend had tickets going to spare. Daisy and I thought we'd head down for the fairground rides and an al fresco dinner, if nothing else.

Turns out I'm really rather glad we did go because IT WAS AWESOME! It's a fantastic family festival and we are already planning on returning next year (for the whole weekend - camping included of course!)

I went expecting a fleet of fast and expensive cars and didn't pay much thought to what else may be on offer. I certainly didn't think for a minute that there might be an entire section devoted to classic cars and campervans - Daisy and I were in VW heaven.

The music catered for all tastes - I wanted to see Ocean Colour Scene and they were AMAZING. I was a big fan in the 90s and it took me right back to the first time I saw them in the Hand & Spear Pub in Weybridge in 1996. But I also watched Reef (another blast from the past) and Alfie Boe and enjoyed both. Blurb were brilliant too!

There was heaps to keep the kids entertained - from ballet dancing lessons to animal handling - and Daisy loved the Silent Disco!

The variety of food was the best I've ever come across at any festival. They had every single cuisine going. It took Daisy and me a good half hour to decide what to have for dinner and we ended up choosing the pizza stall - which had the longest queue by a mile-  having (correctly) presumed that the food would be gooooooood. There was a huge Farmer's Market of food stalls, all selling delicious local produce and Laverstoke Park Farm were hosting lots of different foodie workshops over the course of the weekend, including bread making and churning your own butter. Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry were even on hand to judge a Pies v. Cakes competition!

Daisy's favourite things:
The pizza we had for dinner (Daisy ate four slices - the most pizza she's ever eaten - so it must have been good!)
Dancing to the music (She sang The Day We Caught The Train the whole walk back to our car at the end of the night)
The firework plane
The red arrows
The helter skelter & ferris wheel
The BugFest tent - she touched a snake!
Going inside the campervans

Other brilliant things:
The stewards were amazing. They all knew the site map like the back of their hands and the schedule of events off by heart. They also went out of their way to help us when we were looking to buy a programme and one actually gave us his as we couldn't find a hawker, which was super kind of him.
There were loads of cash points! And none of them had queues! I'm not sure whether that was down to people not expecting there to be any and so going armed with plenty of cash, or whether there were just so many of them dotted around the site that queuing wasn't necessary. Either way, it was very handy.
Everything was REALLY well sign posted and very well lit at night.

Not so brilliant things:
There didn't seem to be very many portaloos. We had to queue for a long time whenever we visited them. However, in their defence they were the cleanest toilets I've ever been to at a festival and were always well stocked with loo roll, soap and running water.
The face painting was expensive - £8 for some designs which I thought was extortionate! The stall had no price lists on display either which was a bit naughty - thankfully D went for a butterfly which was only a fiver. 

Those points aside we had THE BEST day and are looking forward to going back next year.

Here are a few photos from our day xoxox


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  1. I love the Helter Skelter pic although as a ride they scare me! £8 for face painting?! Sheesh! I would love to nose around all around the camper and though. Good review x


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