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Monday, 16 September 2013

Asha & Sam ♥

I love weddings. I love the look on the groom’s face when he first sees his bride, the radiance of every bride and how every wedding is completely and wonderfully unique. From centrepieces to the dress, no wedding is ever the same. In the past few years I have attended all sorts of wonderful weddings; a deeply religious Indian ceremony followed by some outrageous partying, my own brother’s beautiful summer wedding and a grand Jewish wedding with 500 guests. These weddings all said something about the couple-their love for dancing, their love of music and their love for one another.

I’d never been one of those girls who’d planned their wedding since childhood but on Boxing Day 2008, when the boy I’d loved since I was 17, asked me to become his wife, suddenly I was thrown into the terrifying world of wedding planning. Although we briefly considered a romantic elopement like my own parents, we also knew we wanted to make our vows in front of those we loved best. 

We wanted the wedding to reflect us- to show my Indian heritage through our Ganesh centrepieces, a jazz band instead of a DJ to reflect my husband’s love of live music, and a central London location since it was the place where we’d met and loved and lived. We chose to have a small wedding with only fifty of our closest friends and family, and since I love winter, we decided on an evening wedding just before Christmas. 

To my surprise, I discovered the wedding planning was actually fun! I loved the food and cake-tasting dates I had with my husband-to-be, I loved cooing over flower arrangements with my mother and the excuse for bonding sessions with my bridesmaids. 

And so on the evening of December 19th 2009, we gathered for our wedding, candles flickering as the snow fell outside. We had the people we loved all around us, I was walked down the aisle by the family I adore and most importantly, at the end of that aisle stood the man I love.

It was a beautiful, magical and wonderful day-everything I’d hoped for our wedding day. But even more magical is the life we’ve made together since- the purchase of our first home, the birth of our two beautiful children and the fact that as we approach our four year anniversary, I love my husband even more than I did on that day. 

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