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Monday, 23 September 2013

Katie & Joe ♥

The 4 F's: Fate, Faith, Firemen and Forever

Fate; the supposed force, principle, or power that predetermines events, the inevitable events predestined by this force. I had never been a huge believer in fate. I loved watching sappy, romantic movies (still do) and whole-heartedly believed in love (still do), but I never experienced fate until the day I met my husband, Joe. I met Joe in college, though we didn’t attend the same university. He was visiting his cousin in California, where I was born and raised, and he was from Chicago, Illinois. We struck up a wonderful conversation that ended up lasting for about 10 + hours. I knew there was something very special about this guy and I am rarely wrong, just ask him. ;) I truly believe it was fate that brought us together. When Joe walked into my life that day it was as if a force was drawing us together and we both just knew we were in for a wild, fun ride.  We dated for 4 years and became engaged in August of 2009.  We decided to get married the following August and here is where our wedding story begins...

Faith has always been very important to us. It was one of the things that bonded us right from the start. It was very important for us to incorporate our faith into our wedding ceremony and to show our closest family and friends who we are throughout our special day. We decided to hold our ceremony in the church I grew up attending, Christ the King. I went to school there, I was baptized there, I received my First Communion there, and it just felt right for both of us. 

August 7, 2010 was one of the happiest days of my life. Waking up the morning of our wedding felt incredibly surreal. You imagine your big day, you play it over and over in your head, and then when it actually arrives, this wave of emotion hits you like a ton of bricks. I remember feeling as though I was floating around that morning. My lovely grandma came over bright and early to get her makeup done and we spent some quality time talking and laughing together before the madness began. I loved having that time with her and am forever grateful that she was able to be such a big part of our day. One of my best friends, Lauren, had spent the night and had done her bridesmaid duties the night before and helped with last minute prep details, including giving me a spray tan. Thank goodness I was wearing shoes as we forgot that ever so important step of wiping yourself down once you spray. It looked like a bag of Cheetos exploded and the remnants settled on the bottoms of my feet. It was a funny moment and I’m just glad my beautiful wedding shoes covered my not so beautiful wedding feet.  Wedding feet aside, the morning was going off without a hitch. I knew my bridesmaids would be coming over to my parents’ house to get ready soon, but I was off to get my hair and makeup done at the salon. When I came back to my parents’ house all of my bridesmaids were there and my mom, Peggy, had put out a beautiful spread of fruit, breakfast bagels and pastries and champagne and orange juice. 

Our photographer arrived a short time later and it was at that point that I was ready to put the dress on. Can I share a little aside about my wedding dress? This dress was perfect from the moment I laid eyes on it. Another one of my best friends, Sarah, had gotten engaged about a year before me. When she got engaged I was so excited I immediately began scouting for dresses online. I came across the PERFECT dress and sent her the photo. I remember thinking, now that is a dress. Well, Sarah found her own perfect dress, and when I began my search, I knew the style I wanted and set out to find it. We started the hunt at a beautiful bridal boutique. The bridal consultant brought out dress after dress and I loved each of them, but I have always heard that when you find the dress you just know. A feeling comes over you and you’re sure it’s the one.  I had tried on about 15 dresses and I hadn’t had that feeling, but I thought maybe that’s just what people say and not everyone experiences that. When we were on our third round of dresses I spotted the dress. The same dress I had sent my friend a year prior was hanging right in front of me, ready for me to try on. I put it on and I just knew. My mom barely got out her question: “is this the dress?” before I started crying. I was overcome with emotion because I knew this was the dress I was going to wear when I married my best friend. *sigh* 

Ok, back to the story (I tend to go off on tangents, thank you for staying with me!). I put on my wedding dress with my mom, grandma, sister and all of my best friends surrounding me and I was overcome with emotion. My dad walked in and his reaction made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. We took some photos, shared some laughs and love, drank some champagne and it was time to get in the limo and head to the church. 

When we arrived I saw what appeared to be a baseball game happening on the field in front of the school. I ducked because I didn’t want to see Joe before the moment I walked down the aisle. My husband has always been a huge baseball fanatic and one of our photographers suggested doing some baseball photos with his groomsmen gifts, personalized baseball bats. 

We waited in the limo for guests and bridal party to head inside the church before making my way to the back room to prep for my entrance. I could hear our amazing musicians playing for the arriving crowd and I was so excited. We decided to skip the traditional church organ or harp music in favor of a duo playing a gorgeous bluesy electric guitar. It was so us and one of the coolest aspects of our wedding day. 

As time drew near to walk down the aisle I was able to have some alone time with my dad. My dad and I are as close as can be and it was hard not to get emotional knowing that he was about to walk me down the aisle and give me away. One by one our bridal party walked down the aisle to a beautiful, bluesy version of Pachelbel Canon in D. It was perfect and I couldn’t have been more ready to go. When our turn arrived we stopped at the head of the aisle and I looked into Joe’s eyes; a moment I will always remember. My dad and I walked down the aisle towards Joe, past family, friends and photographers. Joe gave my dad a hug and tried to kiss me .. already! It was a funny icebreaker that made the entire congregation laugh out loud. 

Our priest, Fr. Joyce, helped make our ceremony beautiful, warm and inviting. When it came time for our vows, Joe went first. He spoke from his heart and his words were beautiful. He spoke of how far we’d come as a couple and what he hoped for us in the future. When it was my turn I just remember thinking “try not to cry, just get through this.” I was proud to promise him forever and to speak of what I hoped for our future. I truly feel completed by him and all I wanted to do was properly convey that through my words. 

When the ceremony was over and more photos were taken it was time to leave the church and head to the country club for our reception. We had the pleasure of being driven in a 1939 Mercury Convertible owned by a friend of ours. It was the most beautiful car either of us had ever seen. Our dear friend brought champagne for us to enjoy on our drive and it was just a magical feeling, we were MARRIED! Arriving at the reception in such a fabulous car was one of the many delights of the day. We took more photos, ate some food that the lovely staff was nice enough to bring to us during photos and readied ourselves for our grand entrance. 

Our bridal party walked into the reception to the song Everlasting Light, by the Black Keys and we followed to Gimme Some Lovin’ by the Spencer Davis Group. Music has always been a love we’ve shared and it was fun to select different songs throughout the day that really represented us. 

It was a beautiful reception and everyone was really enjoying themselves. We witnessed amazing speeches by my Maid of Honor, my sister Julie, Joe’s Best Man, his brother Mike, and of course the Father of the Bride, my awesome dad, Steve. All was going off seamlessly and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. And that is when it happened.  All of the sudden I heard what sounded like a loud and blaring alarm. It was the fire alarm. I didn’t panic, but I was very confused. Everyone looked very confused, but nobody was moving as we didn’t believe it to be an actual fire. One of our wedding guests came over to us and said that we shouldn’t worry; it wasn’t an actual fire, just a little boy with a curious mind and a chair to reach the not so out of reach alarm. Our young nephew, Matthew, curious as can be decided there was something to pull and he was going to be the one to pull it. I didn’t panic, we decided it was the perfect time to go outside and take photographs while we waited for the firemen to show up to survey the scene and shut the noise off. 

Firemen arrived in all their glory about ten minutes post-alarm pull. My sister-in-law, Jessica, was very upset that her son pulled the fire alarm, but my family did our best to assure her that nobody was mad or upset and we’ll all look back and laugh for years to come. Not only that, but we had a great photo op with all of the firemen who showed up. Also, my mom told her that she would just go to his wedding and return the favor some day. I never saw any reason to panic, the noise eventually stopped, and nobody’s fun was ruined. As I said to Jessica at the time, it makes for a great memory. Had the sprinklers gone off as well, then maybe I would have panicked just a little, but they didn’t, so I didn’t worry. Once the alarm was turned off, it was time for our first dance. 


We selected our song, Bruce Springsteen’s live and acoustic version of Tougher Than the Rest and danced like we were the only two people in the room.  Some girls they want a handsome Dan/ Or some good-lookin’ Joe, on their arm Some girls like a sweet-talkin’ Romeo/ Well ’round here baby/ I learned you get what you can get/ So if you’re rough enough for love Honey I’m tougher than the rest. 

The rest of the evening went by so fast. We had our father-daughter dance, the mother-son dance, and then everyone danced. Our DJ, Donnie Fitzsimmons, made sure everyone danced all night. The music was amazing, the food was amazing, the company was amazing and the day was nothing short of spectacular. 

A little over 3 years ago, Joe and I offered each other forever. Since that beautiful day, we have experienced many things together. We have had the highest of highs. We welcomed our beautiful son, Dominic, in January of 2012. We have gone through lows. We said goodbye to beloved members of our family, my grandmother and his grandfather. Through it all, one thing has remained consistent. We go through whatever life throws at us together. I am so lucky to have found not only the love of my life, but my best friend in my husband, Joe. He understands me like nobody else, he supports me unconditionally and he has proven himself to be my rock. I am absolutely blessed that fate brought us together, faith has helped us stay strong along the way and we are living our forever day by day. 

Cheers to life, love and happily ever after. 

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  1. Thank you for posting, love reading our story over and over...and sharing the fabulous memories from that day! xoxo


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