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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Liz & Steve ♥

Saturday 26th June 2010 was an amazingly brilliantly glorious was the day I got married!

It was slap bang in the middle of a heat wave. The morning of the big day, my best friend Aimee and I woke up in our hotel room and didn’t even bother to check the weather! Can you imagine; a wedding in England and we knew, without even peeking through the curtains, that it would be hot and sunny!!

It was such a beautiful day, here are a few photo’s to show the story of the day.

After having our make-up done by my very talented friend, Alice; my bridesmaids and I put a final coat of lipgloss on, before slipping into our pretty dresses.

Meanwhile, here come the boys..! My husband in purple, with his best man (to his right), my brother and the 3 dads.

After a chat with the registrar, a few deep breaths and a quick swig of champagne for my nerves, my dad walks me down the aisle (note his glasses on his head – they’re there in EVERY photo of him!) I can’t remember what we’re saying in this photo but obviously having a good old chinwag midway down the aisle! We followed my flower girl and bridesmaids down to Canon in D played on the harp, it was truly beautiful. The music still gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it!

After a lovely reading, we said our vows and exchanged rings. We made up our own vows – mine included helping him wash the cars and his included giving me his wardrobe space for my shoes and handbags..!

We did it! Mr and Mrs Knight, here we are being showered in confetti, both looking incredibly happy!

Next for the obligatory cake shot. And what a cake!! It was such a hot day that we had to take photos of the cake before we sat down to eat, so the hotel staff could move it into a big fridge, to stop all the chocolate melting! I can still taste and smell the chocolatey goodness. Best wedding cake ever! I’m not biased at all..!

During the scrumptious Wedding Breakfast, there was a quiz for each table to win a mahoosive bottle of champagne by answering questions on the bride and groom. There were bubbles and favours – toy cars for the men and roll up pumps for the ladies when their feet were sore from all the dancing (notice a car and shoe theme emerging?!)! Next up were the speeches, all of them were touching and hilarious in equal measures. My Dad even did a rendition of his “Windypop” song that he used to sing whilst winding me as a baby!

At the last minute (2 days before the wedding!) we hired an old fashioned ice cream cart for the afternoon and evening. Lots of different ice cream flavours and toppings went down a treat in the hot June sunshine!

The evening was filled with more drink, a yummy BBQ and dancing to music from fab band Kingtastic. Oh and inflatable instruments! As seen here in use by myself and my gorgeous (if a little tipsy) new husband!

Everyone told us that it would be the best day of our lives and it really was (it goes without saying that it was topped only by the birth of our son last year!)! It was a day filled of family & friends, laughter & (happy) tears, food & drink, inflatable instruments and lots of dancing! A perfect day, which flew by in a flash.

“Today is a day you will always remember
the greatest in anyone’s life,
You start off the day just two people in love
and end it as husband and wife.”

Taken from the poem ‘On Your Wedding Day’.

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  1. Hey guys, how are you doing?

    Did you get any other pictures of you and the inflatables up on stage with us?


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