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Monday, 2 September 2013

Lucia & Morgan ♥

There are two things I love talking about. My babies and my wedding. And when I say 'my' wedding...I really do mean that. I organised the majority of it - not because it was my way or no way, but because my husband just wasn't that bothered. He had three requests - a free bar, this wedding topper and for me to turn up on time.

I loved organising the wedding, and there was no stress until right at the end when the finer details needed confirming, and then confirming again (the stress only came from worrying that something might go didn't!)

Anyway, I married in September in a marquee outside the university where we met. One of my best friends at uni became a minister after graduating and he married us in the local chapel which was just on the edge of campus, and so within walking distance to the reception. Having a good friend marry us was so special, it was lovely that after I kissed my husband to seal the deal, I got a kiss off him too. 

It was the 'little touches' that made the wedding so special. So many people think about the reception, and I wanted to concentrate on the service - I mean, that's the important bit, right? My mother in law is also a Rev, and she gave us a 'Celtic mothers blessing' on behalf of her and my mother, we also had a communal blessing where various members of the family stood up to read a line. I walked down the aisle to 'Moon River' playing on the harp, because I love Audrey Hepburn singing it on Breakfast at Tiffany's. 

Having a child friendly wedding was really important to us. I totally remember being bored rigid at weddings when I was little and that the most exciting part was sliding across the dance floor on your belly and dancing to the Birdy Song. So, at the ceremony one of our readings was Edward Monktons 'A lovely love story' and we handed out copies of the book for the children to read along. My niece, the flower girl, chose her dress and designed our order of services with a picture of the two of us. We had cricket on the lawn outside the marquee, a balloon artist and a face painter to entertain the kids...the adults liked it as much as the kids!

My mam made my dress which was based on an Alice Temperly design (she's a clever sausage and people were really surprised as it was so different) I was quite insistent that my flowers were grown in Britain so I had all our flowers from Wiggly Wigglers. They were gorgeous and cost less than £250. 
Another 'little detail' was my ring. When I was 18 I met a woman in Egypt who had a walking stick, drank neat vodka and woke up in the middle of the night to have a fag. She was awesome and happened to be a jewellery designer, so I asked her to make my ring - and she did, and I love that I have her initials stamped on the inside of it.

The food was local and we had a lamb and a hog roast with lots of salads and French bread. We're not 'cake people' and I was an artisan cheese maker at the time (pre babies!) and so we had a cheese tower (the bottom tier was the one I made!) and cutting the cake witha cheese wire was pretty cool. Local cider for the grown ups and apple juice for the kids for drinks and then the local Italian cafe came around with their home made ice cream van, and the kids went nuts....needless to say the food was amazing.

Our first dance was to Reef 'Oh place your hands'...and why not? Our wedding our music! We danced all night to a ska band and then to our friends playing some of our favourite tunes on the decks...smashing pumpkins, Gorkys, pixies, peal jam and lots of Brit pop for nostalgia. It was awesome.
For me, our wedding was the best day ever - but I would have loved to have been a guest there, just so I could have eaten more, drank more, danced more....and seen my husband more. The truth is, you spend the day thanking everyone for coming and making 'small talk' with people might not have seen for a while. The only advice I would give to you, Katy, is sneak off and find a quiet corner (without the photographer butting in) and reflect on what it is you've just done, have a proper snog and then get back to the party.
Every conversation I've had which started with 'at my wedding...' or 'when I get married...' lead me to that day, and I'd been waiting for it all my life. People would always ask afterwards if it's made any difference getting married and I say 'yes' because now I get to call him 'My husband' ...and I still love saying it 4 years later.
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  1. You look stunning! I love the dress, mine was actually pretty similar :)

  2. Sounds like such a great unique wedding day. You look gorgeous and your mum really is a skilled seamstress!


  3. We loved your day, it was beautiful, quirky, fun, unique and suited you two perfectly. We remember all of the finer details and the tremendous effort you put in to making it so special not only for you guys but us guests too, thankyou and we wish you many more happy years together, happy anniversary for Thursday


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