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Friday, 27 September 2013

Maddie & Doug ♥

Mr & Mrs Sinclair

Fancy a fancy fancy dress wedding?

Hello Modern Mummy readers! Thanks so much for having me and my weirdly wonderful wedding story. I hope you enjoy it! Here goes…

I got proposed to by Doug in 2007 in Kerala, Southern India, at dinner in front of my entire family who we’d met there on holiday. It was so romantic. Doug got down on bended knee… and then got back up again. No one could see him over the table. He’s a little bit on the vertically challenged side, you see. He didn’t have a ring, but that was OK, as he knows I have quite… um… ‘different’ tastes, and he wouldn’t have had a clue where to start anyway.

When we started discussing the wedding, I had three things I wanted:

1.   For the day (and night) to be ultra memorable – not just in the way that everyone says it… but one where there was absolutely no way that any wedding guest would ever get our wedding mixed up with someone else’s in their memory bank. Ours was going to be rip-roaringly 100% unique!

2.  It had to be fun and informal – no stuffy hymns or cringeworthingly sincere admissions – that’s just not us. Neither of us (or any of our family members) are religious, so it was most definitely going to be a secular occasion.

3.  It had to be cheap to attend – we didn’t want anyone to have to worry about accommodation costs if they didn’t want to – people were travelling from all over, so we didn’t want people to have to spend a small fortune in order to come.

I’m still not quite sure how I managed to get this one through without even a raised eyebrow or a mild pursed-lip grimace (I guess that just goes to show how well matched we really are!), but Doug agreed to my idea of a fancy dress wedding immediately. Hooray!

We chose the theme of ‘Best of British/All Things Aussie’ (with me being an Aussie and Doug being British) and we couldn’t have chosen a better one! We held the wedding at Coombes Farm near Steyning in West Sussex, using their huge barn for the formal bits.

For the ceremony, I wore a proper wedding dress (Ian Stuart, Pompadour, in a blush pink colour), and Doug wore a suit, (although all our guests were in fancy dress for the whole event). We got changed to join them after the official business was over.
 Charlene & Angus cut the cake!

I was Charlene from Neighbours on her wedding day (yes, hideous white lacy 1980s taffeta dress with puffy sleeves, white Baby’s Breath flowers in my blonde corkscrew perm wig, and a spanner – she was a mechanic after all) and Doug went as Angus Young from Aussie band AC/DC (we got a brilliant props tailor in London to make him a maroon velvet school boy’s uniform, plus I got him a mullet wig and red inflatable electric guitar to top off the look).

 Kath from Kath & Kim eating fish & chips 
with Dame Edna Everage and Ginger Spice

Walking down the aisle was probably the most surreal experience of my life – on my right a Womble was conversing with Dame Edna Everage, and a Box Jellyfish and Great White Shark were happily chatting to their arch enemy, a Bondi Lifesaver, while a whole family of 118 men with moustaches looked on.

On my left, Peter Andre and Jordan were in a heated debate with Margaret Thatcher, and Bananaman was hugging a Qantas Air Hostess while four Sergeant Pepper-era Beatles helped each other with their wigs.

We had a couple that went as Marmite and Vegemite and their kids went as Toast. There were quite a few celebrities, including Amy Winehouse and Blake, Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Aussie Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, Ainsley Harriott, Chopper Read and Ginger Spice, and even a husband and wife pair of country fox hunters.

 More tea vicar?

We tried to create a fun Possie (Pom + Aussie) mini-festival vibe. We had a Vicar’s Tea Party with cricket and croquet, a Punch & Judy show for the kids, hired a Fish & Chip van for lunch, had Aussie Bush Dancing in the barn, followed by a meat raffle and an Aussie BBQ for dinner.

We had my lovely friend Baz crooning some of our favourite songs and even had a Rolf Harris impersonator, although we had to drag him off stage early because a) he was bloody terrible, b) he had a Brummie accent, and b) he was a little bit creepy – all this made even weirder in the light of recent Operation Yewtree investigations. Hmmm.

To add to the festival feel, everyone got to pitch their tents in a huge adjacent field, so no one had to worry about accommodation, or not being able to have a few bevvies because they had to drive. Doug and I hired a tipi complete with furniture and animal hides, as we aspired to a bit of glamping for our wedding night.

To make it an even more true-to-life festival experience, it absolutely pelted it down that night from about midnight onwards as a massive storm came overhead, and I don’t think my (new) father-in-law had closed the tipi properly. Doug and I had to snuggle down huddled and shivering under the animal hides to stay warm because our duvet was soaking, complete with a water drip melodically dribbling smack bang between the two of us. It wasn’t exactly the romantic evening you envisage for your wedding night, but hey ho, it was our romantic evening (and much more ‘us’ than rose petals and scented candles).

 Our crazy wedding party

So, there you go – our perfect day. Fab from start to finish. I vaguely contemplated becoming a Wedding Planner afterwards because I enjoyed the organising side of it so much, but then I remembered my massive Rolf Harris hiring faux pas and put that idea firmly to rest. Forever.

Maddie blogs at Gammon and Chips and you can follow her on Twitter here.xoxo


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