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Friday, 13 September 2013

Mr & Mrs 29 ♥

I was married, way back in December 1999, Mr 29 had proposed to me 15 months previously.  'I' {after all, this post is all about me} had the idea that having a wedding in the last month, of the last year, in the last century was very romantic.


I had always wanted a traditional wedding.  Pretty church, white frock and big cake.  And I had it all.  My colour theme was ivory and gold.  This proved to be more difficult than you would think.  Let me take you back to December 1999- we are talking Y2K preparations, and everything was SILVER!  It was also Christmas, obvs, but I didn't want a Christmas style wedding.  I do recall, I only had one 'bridezilla' freak out, involving a foot stamp and hand on hip moment.  The day before the wedding I was informed  that some of the Christmas decorations {suspended from the ceiling} would have to stay in place.  These decorations were red.  They did not match my gold and ivory theme.  Cue my strop. They were not there the next day.

I have had lots of fun, courtesy of Pinterst, in planning my 'next wedding'* and comparing it to my original wedding.  Back then, we had only just mastered  the slow and tidious dial up internet connection and  I had no surch wedding board to update.

*I am only pretending I'm planning my next wedding.

Here goes.

My dress was a meringue.  It was the second frock I tried on and I fell instantly in love with it.  I weighed 7 stone 6 pounds and could twist and turn inside it.  I tried it on a few weeks ago, and well, it doesn't fit, no twist or turning now- it was a struggle to breathe.

My new dress, for my 'next' wedding is much more in keeping with today.  It's so pretty.  I think I'll look amazing.

I saw the cake at a wedding fair, it was in diffferent colours.  The lady said she would be able to incorporate my colour theme and voila.  It may have been 1999, but even then I requested sponge as I'm not a fruit cake fan. 

When discussing our cake with the reception Wedding Co-ordinator, she asked how many tiers  the cake had.
My Ma and I replied, simultaneously "It has four".

Mr 29 raised his eyes.  The wedding co ordinator said "Okay, it sounds lovely" with just a hint of a "It would be" in her voice. 

I think this modern camper van wedding cake is perfectly in keeping with my next wedding.  How much fun is this?  My sister had a cup cake wedding cake, and it looked amazeballs.

I didn't want dark cars, and I wanted something different.  My Ma found this and discussed them with Mr 29- retro Citroens.  Very lovely to look at, but they had no heating. Shall I remind you it was December?  We  had our Wedding Cars reminded to us recently, at another friend's wedding.  Isn't it strange how some things stay in people's memories?

Sticking with our love of camper vans, this is now my choice of automobile.  We recently went to a wedding, where the guests were treated to a ride on a London Route Master bus from church to hotel {it took me back to my teenage years, hailing a No.14 to get to school!}.

And so, those are a few things I would change.  Obviously, I wouldn't change Mr 29.  I still love him and he's still a keeper.  Unless, of course,  Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper or Ian Somerhalder  decide to propose to me.  I am joking....

a little....


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  1. Congratulations! We share the same wedding anniversary, although I have around 4 hours wedded bliss on you as we married at 11am.

    I love the way you're planning a second wedding. If I could plan mine again I would have definitely talked the Mister into eloping. I am not a natural "bride", though I love being married.

  2. Ahh I LOVE weddings! I got married in 2007 and loved every last single second of the planning. I too spend lots of time on Pinterest planning my alternate universe weddings and I think after reading about your fantasies I will post my own alternate wedding....or 2!

    P.S. you looked stunning!

  3. Pinterest has definitely made inspiration blogs for weddings blow up! I dont know what I would do with my day without it!


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