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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Rachel & Paul ♥

Bright light city

September 2006, my wedding checklist went something like this:

Venue - booked (December 15)
Dress - final fitting arranged
Bridesmaid dresses - ordered
Invites - still to be finalised
Flowers - provisionally agreed
Cars - not needed
Photographer - thank heavens for a friend whose job it is
Food - tasted and chosen
Band - hired
Wedding rings - secreted away but occasionally snuck out in to the open and admired
Future bride and groom - nervous and slightly overwhelmed

And then began the offering of opinions that were never asked for ...

"You're having it where? Couldn't you have picked somewhere closer?"

"Why aren't you growing your hair? Brides always look so nice with their hair up."

"Not a traditional dress? Well you're brave."

"Paul's only sister not a bridesmaid? Well, I don't think that's the proper way of doing things."

"Don't worry if your friend's (a professional photographer) photos don't turn out very well, I'm bringing my compact so can get you a copy of my prints."

"I can't believe you would choose a chocolate pudding when you know I like lemon meringue."

"I had thought I'd be able to invite more of my friends. How inconsiderate."

And so in October 2006, my wedding checklist went something like this:

Flights & hotel - booked
Dress - it'll still do
Chapel, flowers, car, photographs, certificate - package deal paid for
Invites - word of mouth 'please come if you can/would like to'
Future bride and groom - happy

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  1. Love this Rachel! Good on you!! xx

  2. Thanks, ladies. It seems so long ago now but we had a great time,

  3. Vegas, Baby! From reading your blog it sounds just like you- brilliant! Vx


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