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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Sian & Simon ♥

Myself and Simon had, in total, been together for about 4 years. Simon had just been made redundant and I was pretty much living with him at his parents house. One thing you need to know about Simon is that he's blind. He has a condition that gradually gets worse and worse to the point where today he only has around 5% vision left. Because he'd been made redundant and we had a bit of money saved we decided to take the summer of 2009 and go on a mega USA road trip.

Our first stop was Yosemite national park in California. Such am amazing place, I truly loved it there, which I suppose was enhanced after something special happened.

Before we set off to America we had already planned to attempt to climb half dome. If you don't know the mountain then you need to YouTube the final ascent as its frightening and I'm still not sure today if I'd of been able to make it. This kind of gives away the fact that we didn't make it though but we tried and that's what counts! We took a route that was pretty dangerous for a blind man, I pretty much held his hand all the way and was genuinely scared a some points. There were tears and arguments which led to us making the decision that we weren't going to make it. At the half way point we could turn around and head back down on a more gentle, safer route (the one we should of taken in the first place) we stopped for a lunch break of Philadelphia sandwiches with a lovely view of the top of half dome when Simon got in front of me, went down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It was such a lovely, quiet place and even after all the hardship and upset of the journey up we felt closer together on the way down, like we'd been through something. Of course I said yes.

After we got back to the hotel I found out that he had in fact brought the wedding rings as well and asked if I wanted to get married while we were in Las Vegas. I loved the idea! I have never been the girl that dreamt about having a massive wedding, in fact just the thought of arranging one stresses me out! I did however dream about my own house and thought it a wiser option to safe for that rather than a big wedding. It also meant a lot to me that Simon could see some of his wedding, whereas if we had done it at home, the time it would of taken to save for it may have been the difference of him seeing and not seeing any of it.

We travelled to a few other destinations before we got to Vegas which gave me time to research places to buy a dress and chapels etc. We arrived at the MGM Grand on the strip way too early to check in so headed straight to the wedding dress shop. I had picked out a few I'd liked on the website but wasn't expecting such a massive choice when we got there! It was an enormous shop but what else would you expect when in one of the biggest wedding destinations of the world!?! I had my favourite dress, I loved it but it was too long and wouldn't be adjusted on time for our planned date so I picked another. All this was done whilst my husband to be was sat in the waiting area, saying yes to everything I came out in. Wait, he saw me in the dress before? Yes, bad luck I know, but we were doing it our way!

The next few days were spent with a mixture of touristy stuff and viewing chapels. The thing that took the longest was finding Simons outfit, men are worse than women I tell you!
The morning of the wedding arrived, I wasn't nervous about the actual event, I was however panicking about the limo knowing who we were, not realising he would just look for the woman in a wedding dress! This was an odd feeling, getting in the lift and walking through the casino floor in a wedding dress. Random strangers saying congratulations, feeling all eyes on me.

I can't really remember much of the limo ride apart from being thankful for the air conditioning as it was 40 degrees outside and I was wearing a fair few layers in my dress.

We arrived at the chapel and were taken into reception to sign a few papers about witnesses. We met the photographer who took photos of the the flowers being pinned on simon and the rings. I can't comment on what a 'normal' wedding would feel like but it was nice to actually spend all the run up to the event with simon rather than me being hidden away from him, I think I would have been extremely nervous had we done it that way.

The actual ceremony felt like it was over in a flash. We were the only ones there, so yes there were empty seats. Does this upset me? Don't get me wrong it would have been nice to have friends and family there and some of them were upset they couldn't be there, some more than others but we made a decision to get married quickly like this so Simon could see me in my dress, so Simon could see the ceremony, so Simon could enjoy and see his honeymoon. So I don't have any regrets about it at all and I look forward to going back and taking friends and family to re-do our vows some day. The event was filmed and a live broadcast was put on the internet which was really nice knowing everyone was watching us, there were even some friends of friends that gathered round and were moved by the wedding.

After the event and all the wedding photos were over we made our way back to the hotel where we spent a long time talking to everyone on Skype. We had our unofficial wedding breakfast, because we were so hungry we ended up having a Panda Express and then enjoying a lovely fancy meal later on that evening. We drank and enjoyed each others company and even won some money on the slots!

The wedding was about half way through our USA tour and our next stop was LA which you could call our official honeymoon as it was a posh hotel right next to the beach. The whole trip was incredible. I suppose we are quite an unusual couple and I'm glad we did it the way we did; it gives me an amazing story to tell. If we hadn't done it when we did, we would have waited so long that Simon wouldn't have been able to see any of it and we wouldn't have had our son Grayson while he could still see either.

Sian blogs at Stawberry Kitten and Simon at And Adapt. You can follow Sian on Twitter here.xoxo


  1. what a memorable and beautiful way to get married.


  2. Wow! What a fab way to get married!!
    You looked beautiful x


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