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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Five Ghoulish Games for a Frightful Halloween Children's Party

Evie REALLY happy to be dressed up as a bat for Halloween

The supermarket shelves are again bulging with bulbous orange vegetables. This can mean only one thing; Halloween is just around the corner. 

Trick or treating is the traditional activity on Halloween, but understandably many parents fear for their child’s safety. If you don’t want your children to miss out on all the fun this Halloween there are workarounds. With the October half term break falling, for many this year, right at the end of October it could be renamed the Halloween Break. We at Center Parcs have been suppliers of entertainment for both children and adults for 25 years and have a few Halloween tricks up our sleeve. We have created a list of our favourite five Halloween games. They are:

  1. Apple Bobbing – A classic Halloween pastime and simple to set up as well. All you need is a bucket or one of those plastic washing up bowls, some water and some apples. Easy. Fill the bowl with water and put some apples in. Have the children put their hands behind them and try to grab an apple in their mouths. The easiest way to do this is to push the apple right to the bottom and bite them, so have a towel on hand for little wet faces.

  1. Mummy Wrap – For this game you will need a lot of toilet or kitchen roll. Split the children into teams of two, one will be the mummy the other the wrapper. On the word go start some spooky music, the teams have to wrap their mummy as best they can. After a minute or so stop the music. The winner is the team with the best-wrapped mummy.

  1. Witches Cauldron – This fun game takes a little imagination on your part as well as the children. Buy some rubber spiders, snakes and other creepy crawlies. Add to this a sponge (an ogre’s tongue), some orange peel (troll skin), a shelled hard-boiled egg (a dragon’s eyeball) and a big saucepan (the witch’s cauldron). Put all the bits in the saucepan. Blindfold each child in turn and ask her to feel around in the cauldron for a particular item.

  1. Pick their brains – Cook up a big batch of all different types of pasta, drain and leave to cool completely. Put it in a big bowl and add some Ping-Pong balls, one for each child. On half the balls write ‘trick’ and on the other half write ‘treat’. Over the bowl put a tea towel with a slit in the middle. Ask each child to dig around in the brains for a surprise. Those who pick out treat get a chocolate or something similar whilst those that find trick have to do some sort of forfeit. Make it silly, such as pulling the scariest face they can.

  1. Graveyard Hunt – This game probably takes a bit more planning than most of the others. It will entail decorating your garden or even a sitting room, if pressed for outdoor space. Buy lots of that stretchable spiders web stuff, some pumpkins and all the ghosts and ghouls you can find in the local fancy dress shop. In and around the room or garden hide lots of little treats in the Jack-o’-lanterns or any other nooks and crannies you can find. Write up all the treats in a list and print off for all the kids. Send them scurrying around looking for all the treats they can find.

And with that we have all the pieces for a perfect Halloween party. The kids will have an amazing time and you needn’t be worried about them wandering the streets in the dark. But don’t forget, to make a truly convincing host, you will need to dress up yourself. And don’t try to cop out with the bed sheet with two holes in it; that fools no one. Let me know your party suggestions in the comments below. And a happy Halloween to you.

This is a guest post, published on behalf of Center Parcs.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Festive Feet: Ruby + Ed Knit Boots

So, Autumn is well and truly in the air, England is {supposedly} in the middle of the worst storm since 1987.... and I'm eagerly awaiting the installation of our lovely new wood burner. In other words, it's chilly out there.

I'm never stressed out about the weather. There's something quite nice about battening down the hatches and staying indoors, all cosy and warm. All you need to make a duvet day great is a selection of naughty edible treats, a good DVD to watch, a blanket for the sofa, some really comfy loungewear and slippers, definitely slippers.

Ruby+Ed Rosewood & Vanilla Knit Boots

Last week, Ruby + Ed sent me these gorgeous faux fur slipper boots. It was if they knew the weather was about to turn!

I adore EVERYTHING about Ruby + Ed. They are a British brand that have conquered the world with their stunning and well made pieces and I have a fair few items of womenswear in my wardrobe already.

These slippers are the epitome of luxury loungewear. Slouchy, ankle high and ridiculously comfortable, they are just what every woman needs for winter days at home. The upper part is lined with a gorgeous faux fur, while the sock is fleece lined so that your foot can breathe - and the outer is adorned with a knitted pattern in various neutral shades of brown, beige and cream. 

They are honestly the cosiest slippers I've ever worn - and aren't they just gorgeous? With prices to suit every budget and styles to suit every personality, a pair of Ruby + Ed slippers would make the perfect Christmas present for friends and family members, although I have a feeling you'll end up wanting to keep them for yourself!

The Rosewood & Vanilla boots are available direct from the Ruby + Ed website for £49. 

DISCLAIMER: I received these slippers in exchange for this review but all thoughts and comments are entirely honest and my own.


Sunday, 27 October 2013

A Modern Mummy in London

This past week has seen me and the girls make lots of trips into London for various blogging events, and we've loved every minute. For a long while now I've wanted to devote much more quality time to the blog, and networking, and getting together with other bloggers and writers, is definitely something I would like to do more of in the future.

My week began with a lovely dinner at Tartufo in Chelsea hosted by the owners of Australian brand TinyMe

TinyMe create gorgeous personalised products and they have just launched in the UK. It was great to learn all about them in such relaxing surroundings and with such wonderful company (I'm talking about you, Alice from An Essex Wife, Alison from Not Another Mummy Blog, Sophie from Franglaise Mummy and Gill from A Baby On Board) and the free flowing wine was pretty good too! We left with full tummies and a £30 gift voucher to spend online; I spent mine on this awesome diary, meant for families, but which I turned into a blog planner for next year using the TinyMe personalisation tools. I'm a little bit in love with it!

The following morning I was back in the big smoke, this time with one out of two small people, for the ASK Italian Kids Menu Tasting, which I've already written about in detail and you can see that post here.

The Chicco Press Day was held at The Deck, at the National Theatre on the South Bank and involved a talk through the super gorgeous and innovative pieces of the new 2014 collection (the highlight of which was, for me, the new Chicco Urban stroller), a delicious lunch - and the most wonderful babysitting services I have ever encountered!

Lastly, but by no means least, the weekend saw me back in London for The Baby Show. I LOVE The Baby Show and all the demonstrations and new gadgets that come with it! It was lovely to meet up with lots of the brands I've worked with over the past year, and to see lots of blogging friends there too.

These were my favourite stands this year (in no particular order)
Emma Levine



The Bunk Cot Company

Avant Baby


All in all, the past week has been a super productive one for me. I've found spending time with other bloggers really inspiring and motivational and I'm looking forward to doing lots more of it over the coming months.xoxo

Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Chicco Urban Stroller: A Review

Last Wednesday Daisy, Evie and I were lucky enough to be invited to the Chicco Baby Event at The Deck at The National Theatre. On show was their entire {superb!} 2014 collection, but this post is dedicated to one product in particular: The Urban.

Now you all know that I'm a pram addict. I've been lucky enough to review a lot in the past. I like to think I know my stuff, although I do appreciate that different people look for different things in a stroller.

I think the key factors that everyone considers when looking for a pram are:

- if you are going to be using public transport a lot, will it fit onto buses/trains etc ok?  
- if you are a driver, will it fit into your car boot?  
- how easy is it to fold up?
- is it lightweight? 
- how much shopping/luggage can the basket/handles carry? 
- is it a smooth ride?
- is is within your budget?
- is it aesthetically pleasing? (Let's face it, NO ONE is going to buy an ugly pram, no matter however many of the above points get ticked off the list!)

I can honestly say that The Urban ticks all of the above. It's innovative AND stylish - and I have never been so excited about a pram before!

The reason behind my excitement? (aside from the fact it ticks all the boxes?)   

The stroller seat

The main selling point of this pushchair is that the stroller seat transforms into a cosy pram - with no extra carrycot required! It drove me mad that Daisy and Evie's newborn carrycots were only used for 5 months and 4 months respectively, before being swapped for the buggy seats and boxed up and put into the loft. I mean, what a waste! - of beautiful pram as well as money (ours cost an extra £150 each).

The seat of the Urban can be switched from rear to forward facing, has three recline positions to ensure maximum comfort for baby at all times and transforms into a pram (by adjustable straps) without the use of an extra carrycot, enabling the stroller to be used from birth.   

When you buy the pram (which retails at £349), you also have to buy a colour pack (available in cherry, beige, emerald, red wave or anthracite for additional £49.99) to complete it. The best bit about these two components being sold separately is that you get an entirely personalised pram that you can update at a later date if you feel the need! The colour pack not only includes the hood, seat cover and seat belt pads, it also includes a pram apron/foot muff - something that is sold separately with the majority of other prams.

So basically, you are getting an ENTIRE pram for under £400, which I think is an amazing price for a premium brand - especially when you take these other brilliant factors into account:
- the unbelievably spacious and very easily accessible shopping basket. I always comment on the basket as it's something I use daily and needs to be capable of holding lots.
- its adjustable handlebars, meaning their height can be altered depending on the parent pushing the pram.... or the parents footwear!
- its front and rear suspension which ensures baby has a smooth ride, whether on pavements or off road. It really is a joy to push too.
- the fact it is compatible with the Autofix car seat (with car seat adaptors, which are sold separately). No one likes to move (and risk waking) a sleeping baby.
- its size and weight. It is super compact when folded and has a practical handle for carrying plus it weighs just a little over 5 kilos; one of the lightest on the market.
- the sheer beauty of it's design - the chrome, the smooth lines, the circular shapes - swooooon!

This pram is unbelievably perfect for parents with limited space to store additional bits or for those of you, like me, that hate seeing things go to waste and not get used. They will be available in the UK from this December but it are officially being launched at The Baby Show in Olympia this weekend where they will be available for pre-order!

If you are interested in buying one, and will be at the show, then this is the time to do it as Chicco are offering some fantastic deals on all pre-orders:
Buy the Urban stroller and you will receive a colour pack of your choice free of charge (saving £49.99)

Buy the Urban stroller, colour pack and car seat adaptor and you get the Autofix car seat free of charge (saving £119.99)

Buy the Urban stroller, colour pack, adaptor and Autofix car seat and you will get the Polly Magic highchair and Mia bouncer (two hugely popular and essential products from the Chicco range) free of charge (saving you a whopping great £219.99) - a package that is totally and utterly perfect for first time mums that need to buy the whole shebang.

Don't take it from me, come to The Baby Show and give the Urban a test drive! You won't be disappointed.xoxo

DISCLAIMER: No goods were received in exchange for this review. I tested the product at an event held by Chicco. All opinions are honest and my own.


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Hallowe'en Party with Poundland

As you've probably gathered, WE LOVE HALLOWE'EN. In fact, this year not only will we be doing spooky arts & crafts at our local museum, then taking part in a fancy dress 'procession' through town before going trick or treating around our neighbourhood, we're also going to have everybody back to our house for a bit of a part-AY afterwards!

This idea came about when the lovely people at Poundland sent us a £25 voucher and set us a challenge to host a party on a £25 budget.

Our nearest Poundland is the Guildford store, and we were amazed by the sheer amount of Hallowe'en products available; there was entire aisle devoted to it! Daisy, Evie and I had a great time choosing from the sweets, fancy dress costumes and props, decorations and party paraphernalia and ended up taking two whole baskets-ful to the check out.

The two things I was adamant about when deciding what to buy was that they could be reused or recycled - so we went for paper plates and cups (and cupcake stand and decorations - see my recipe post for Pumpkin and Sultana Muffins) and fancy dress items and plastic decorations that would stand the test of time and could go in our Hallowe'en box to be brought out again next year.

Here are the full contents of our shopping haul:

Two sets of battery operated pumpkin fairy lights (see them in action here)
 'Cross if you dare' tape for our front door
A packet of orange and black balloons
A large glow in the dark skeleton to hang on the wall
Two furry rats (subsequently named Percy and Annabell and currently living in Daisy's room)
Paper plates, bowls, napkins and cups
Pumpkin straws
A paper tablecloth
Cake cases and decorations
A spooky cupcake stand 
Little critters (tiny spiders that we're going to freeze into ice cubes!)
A blood splattered apron 
Fake blood
A trick or treating basket
Six packets of branded sweeties for the trick or treaters

ALL THAT for just twenty five English pounds! Impressive, non? We had actually been looking at a cake stand and cupcake cases in our local gift shop which were priced at £7.50 each - and the quality of the Poundland versions are exactly the same for a fraction of the price.

Poundland is definitely the place to go for Hallowe'en decorations, so make sure you take a look if you're planning on celebrating this year!

DISCLAIMER: We were given a £25 Poundland voucher in exchange for this review. All comments and opinions are honest and my own.


Eight Pumpkin Carving Tips

Earlier this week I wrote about the benefits of including pumpkin in your diet, and gave you a couple of pretty delish recipes to boot. We all know that pumpkin carving is THE BEST part of Halloween - not only can you have some awesome fun being creative making spooky lanterns, you also get to cook with the remnants!

I love to go all out when it comes to decorating the house for Hallowe'en. We have spooky bunting, twinkly pumpkin fairy lights, rats, bats and skeletons that all come out of hiding for a few nights a year. And pumpkins are the most important decoration of all. This year I plan to line both windowsills outside our house with a row of them - and because I missed out on Hallowe'en last year (I was in labour with Evie!) I thought I ought to get some practice in beforehand.

Helloooooo Jack Skellington!

He looks a little lonely out there doesn't he? I need to make him some friends!

If any of you do a spot of pumpkin carving this Hallowe'en, please tweet me a pic! I'd love to see your creations. To help you along a bit, here are my top tips for doing a fantastic job:

1. Pick a good pumpkin. Think about how you are going to carve it before you decide on size - and take it's shape and markings into account.

2. Come up with a great design. Use Pinterest for inspiration and a template if you need to. Draw designs on with a felt tip pen (which can be easily wiped off if you make a mistake).

3. Don't waste your money on a pumpkin carving kit. A large knife, a paring knife and a metal spoon work just perfectly and are available in even the most basic kitchen.

4. Cut the lid at an angle with the outside larger than the inside to prevent it from falling inside when the pumpkin shrinks.

5. Scoop out the flesh and, once empty, continue to use the spoon to smooth out the inside walls.

6. When carving features, cut larger ones in sections and pop the pieces through to the inside of the pumpkin to remove them.

7. Cover the flesh inside with Vaseline to slow down the growth of mould and make your pumpkin last longer.

8. Use a seasonal scented candle instead of a plain tea light so that your house smells amazing! If you'd rather not use naked flames at all then try using a battery operated candle or a string of fairy lights wrapped round a jam jar. You could even use coloured glow sticks for something a bit different!

This is my entry to the Family Investments Pumpkin Carving Challenge. Wish me luck! xoxo


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Pumpkin & Sultana Muffins

As promised, here is my recipe for pumpkin muffins - they are just heavenly with a cup of tea (or a glass of mulled cider!) on a chilly autumn day.

8oz plain flour
4oz caster sugar
8oz pureed pumpkin
2x tsp baking powder
1x tsp cinamon
1/2x tsp ground nutmeg
1x egg
Approx 100ml milk
3x handfuls sultanas

What to do.
Preheat the oven to gas mark 4. 

Combine all the dry ingredients (except for the sultanas) in one bowl and the wet in another. Mix together, adding more milk if necessary to form a batter, then fold in the sultanas.

Divide the mixture into twelve muffin cases (in actual fact this recipe makes about ten, so our muffins were more fairy cake sized!) and place in the oven for 30 minutes. 

Check they are fully cooked by inserting a skewer into the centre - if it comes out clean, they are done!

Enjoy xoxo


Monday, 21 October 2013

Super Stylish Waterproofs

Well there's three words I never thought I'd hear in a blog post title! 

These past few days we've had torrential rain in Haslemere and, after getting completely and utterly soaked to the bone on my walk back from town on Sunday (we're talking str'eaks of mascara down cheeks and wet undercrackers as well as drowned rat hair and sodden jeans, top and gilet) I decided it was time to check out my waterproof options. I do now live in the country after all.

So my first port of call was Barbour. This Redesdale Parka has an entirely waterproof outer and a fleecy lining, as well as detachable hood (and fur trim). I love parkas - and this one is practical as well as stylish. RRP £199.

I then discovered TargetDry after someone tweeted me a recommendation. Another parka, the Georgia is currently out of stock due to popular demand (I can totally see why!) but I'm informed they will be back on sale at the end of November. This coat is waterproof and windproof and a 3/4 length which I love. Available in beetroot red or indigo blue, RRP £74.99.

I totally need an Ilse Jacobsen classic long waterproof jacket in my life. How adorable are they in red? I love the vintage feel they have to them - and you can also get a matching hat! These are available at Surfdome for the RRP of £119.99.

What are your thoughts on this Stella Grace trench coat style coat from The North Face? I love the colour and it's definitely the smartest waterproof jacket I've seen, plus The North Face is famed for being the brand for all weathers. The hood has an adjustable drawcord and is stowable for when it's dry, and the belt is removable. It's currently on sale at Cotswold Outdoor at just £120 (RRP £200).

Lastly, but by no means least, I'm COMPLETELY head over heels in love with this Plant Hunter Coat from Seasalt (my new favourite shop after going on a shopping spree in Padstow!) This is another parka style coat, perfect for any weather the UK can throw at us. It is fully waterproof but also has a soft fleecy lining, making it perfect winter - and is breathable too so can be worn when the weather begins to get mild again. RRP £140.xoxo

Pumpkin Puree Recipe

It breaks my heart when I see 'carving pumpkins' for sale in the supermarkets because I just KNOW that all that lovely sweet flesh inside is going to end up in the food caddy or, worse still, the bin (check out my guide to reducing food waste here and read up on why it's so important to compost/recycle your food waste here). 

If you're going to cook with pumpkins, it's best to get a culinary one as there is much more 'meat' to them and they are a whole lot sweeter, but you can still use the flesh of one specifically meant for carving; there's just not as much of it!

I boil my pumpkin to make puree (you can roast them too) and there are two ways to get the flesh out of them in order to do this. One is slightly easier than the other but involves the complete destruction of the outer shell so you can't carve it! The second is a little trickier but leaves the pumpkin in tact! It also takes less time to boil, for reasons you'll find out in a minute....

If you're not fussed about carving then chop the pumpkin in half. Scoop the seeds and stringy innards out with a metal spoon (saving the seeds for toasting..... recipe to follow later this week). Then chop the pumpkin halves into slices, as you would a melon, cut vertically into each strip and then cut out all the pieces by sliding your knife along the skin.

To preserve your pumpkin, cut a circle in the top, use a metal spoon to scoop out the seeds and the innards, and then continue to use your spoon to scoop out the flesh. This is how I made my puree today.

Cover your pumpkin with water, bring to the boil and let simmer for around 20 minutes. If you're boiling up larger chunks, it is more likely to take around 30 minutes to soften.

Drain and blend. Ta dah!

A pound of fresh pumpkin flesh ends up as approx 8oz of puree, which is the same as around half a can of the ready pureed stuff you can get.

What next?

Pumpkin puree can be frozen for up to three months and can be used in heaps of recipes, including ones for pumpkin pie, cookies, smoothies, cocktails (YES, really!), soups, pasta sauces and of course the most amazing muffins (which I'll be blogging the recipe for tomorrow).

Give the poor little pumpkins a chance! Why not rustle up your own puree this Hallowe'en? xoxo


Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Health Benefits of Pumpkins

Photo Credit

There's nothing better than eating seasonal fruit and veg - and pumpkins, and other members of the squash family, are at their best right now.

Not only is a Hallowe’en pumpkin super tasty, it also has incredible health benefits – so when you’re pumpking carving this week, don’t throw all the flesh into the food caddy. Cook it!

Pumpkins and squashes contain huge amounts of Vitamin A – which is essential for healthy eyes – and Vitamin C – which boosts immune system, great at this time of year. Like carrots, they contain beta-carotene which is supposedly great for cancer prevention, and they are also packed full of potassium – which is great for energy – and fibre, which keeps you fuller for longer.

But it’s not just the flesh that’s great for you, pumpkin seeds really are a super food. They contain serotonin – which makes you happy! – and they also help reduce cholesterol.

Pumpkin can be turned into hearty and warming Autumn soups, roasted as wedges and baked in sweet pies and cookies too. Whatever you decide to make, MAKE SURE YOU TOAST THOSE SEEDS! They are just perfect sprinkled into salads and added to home made granola, and make an excellent snack.

Coming up on Modern Mummy this week: How to make pumpkin puree (for use in lots of different recipes), different ways to toast pumpkin seeds and how to make pumpkin muffins. Three extra tasty ways to get pumpkin into your diet! Yum yum. xoxo

We're TOTALLY getting excited about Hallowe'en!

So Hallowe'en is fast approaching and we are VERY excited here at Modern Mummy HQ! Hallowe'en is one of my favourite times of year (second only to Christmas which we all know is THE BEST holiday EVER!). I'm all over celebrating something that involves fancy dress and chocolate!

The past few years have seen me painting my 9 month pregnant Daisy bump as a pumpkin and dressing my biggest as a skeleton and a cat. Last year I was on day three of my six day labour with Evie so we will be having an extra big celebration this year!

This coming week I'll be publishing a string of Hallowe'en specials, including a post devoted to carving pumpkins, one all about the health benefits of pumpkins and squashes (together with a not so healthy but entirely delicious pumpkin muffin recipe!) and tips on how to host an amazing Hallowe'en party on a budget!

In the meantime, if you're looking for inspiration, why not check out my Hallowe'en Pinterest board..... I've been pinning like a crazy woman these past few weeks! xoxo


Saturday, 19 October 2013

More lovely stuff from me&i

me&i are one of my favourite clothes brands - for both me and the girls (I've featured their kid's moody frogs tunic on here before, as well as their khaki maxi dress for grown ups).

Last week Daisy and Evie were sent gorgeous matching Sunflower dresses and they are ten million tonnes of awesome!

The dress is adorned with a striking 70s style cerise, orange and yellow flower pattern which I'm completely and utterly in love with - and it also has a rounded neckline and straight long sleeves with double fabric at the wrists to allow the sleeves to be rolled up neatly if they're too long. 

They look FABULOUS with woolly tights and chunky boots.... perfect Autumn attire. The sizing is a little on the generous side - Daisy is actually wearing the 98/104cm size one in these photos (which I chose for Evie as she's usually in 18-24m clothes) but if you go big you can roll the sleeves up and even when the length gets a bit on the short side, you can pair the dress with leggings or jeans as more of a tunic top. 

I know from experience that me&i clothes wash really well and don't fade at all so I know these pieces really will last - which makes them well worth their £24-£26 price tag*.

*Prices depend on size.

ASK Italian - The Perfect Family Restaurant

Yesterday Daisy and I were lucky enough to be invited to ASK Italian on Park Street, in London, to meet acclaimed chef Theo Randall and sample the brand spanking new kids menu.

ASK is our favourite high street eaterie. Not only is the food wonderfully authentic,  it's also a brilliant restaurant for kids - and these days, that is a very important factor for us when deciding where to eat out. They provide high chairs, children's cutlery and baby changing facilities. Children are encouraged to colour in their menus and can even have their masterpieces hung in each restaurant's 'gallery' area.

I'm a big fan of the Italian way of life. My family and good quality, healthy food are both very important to me, and I like to combine the two at every mealtime. We all sit down at the dining table and eat together and we all eat the same things. I think it's important that children enjoy a diverse mix of different foods from an early age and can't ever imagine having to cook multiple meals for my family to keep them happy! Mealtimes, to me, are social events - and the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together and chat about what we will be doing, or what we have already been up to that day.

ASK restaurants seem to appreciate this - and genuinely embrace families - and the chain actually came top for being the most welcoming to families in the Soil Association's recent 'Out to Lunch' survey! A very well deserved win.

The new ASK kids menu has been designed to keep our small people happy whilst also letting them sample truly Italian dishes. For £6.25 your child will receive a starter of garlic bread sticks, vegetable crudites and dip, a choice of either pizza or pasta (lots of different varieties) or an Italian chicken dish, a dessert and a babyccino. Pizzas and pasta dishes can be made gluten free on request too!

Not only did Daisy get to sample ALL the dishes on the new menu (lucky her!) but she also got to make (and eat) her very own pizza with Theo's help!

Modelling the latest in head wear, The Chef's Hat

Learning all about making pizza
Preparing the dough
Smothering it in ASK's special tomato sauce

Adding mozzarella

Looking extremely proud of her creation (and rightly so!)

Perfect, crispy, cheesy, gooey pizza

From the children's menu, Daisy's favourite dishes were the starter and the penne alla bolognese.

ASK vegetable crudites with garlic bread sticks and dip

Penne alla Bolognese

And I got to sample the delights of the grown up's menu too - the antipasto sharing board was DIVINE, as was the pork belly porchetta (oh my!!).

ASK antipasto sharing board

The best bit of the day was meeting up with Ruth from Rock n Roller Baby and Emily from Family Four Fun, two awesome ladies with awesome blogs - make sure you check them both out xoxo
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