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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Hallowe'en Party with Poundland

As you've probably gathered, WE LOVE HALLOWE'EN. In fact, this year not only will we be doing spooky arts & crafts at our local museum, then taking part in a fancy dress 'procession' through town before going trick or treating around our neighbourhood, we're also going to have everybody back to our house for a bit of a part-AY afterwards!

This idea came about when the lovely people at Poundland sent us a £25 voucher and set us a challenge to host a party on a £25 budget.

Our nearest Poundland is the Guildford store, and we were amazed by the sheer amount of Hallowe'en products available; there was entire aisle devoted to it! Daisy, Evie and I had a great time choosing from the sweets, fancy dress costumes and props, decorations and party paraphernalia and ended up taking two whole baskets-ful to the check out.

The two things I was adamant about when deciding what to buy was that they could be reused or recycled - so we went for paper plates and cups (and cupcake stand and decorations - see my recipe post for Pumpkin and Sultana Muffins) and fancy dress items and plastic decorations that would stand the test of time and could go in our Hallowe'en box to be brought out again next year.

Here are the full contents of our shopping haul:

Two sets of battery operated pumpkin fairy lights (see them in action here)
 'Cross if you dare' tape for our front door
A packet of orange and black balloons
A large glow in the dark skeleton to hang on the wall
Two furry rats (subsequently named Percy and Annabell and currently living in Daisy's room)
Paper plates, bowls, napkins and cups
Pumpkin straws
A paper tablecloth
Cake cases and decorations
A spooky cupcake stand 
Little critters (tiny spiders that we're going to freeze into ice cubes!)
A blood splattered apron 
Fake blood
A trick or treating basket
Six packets of branded sweeties for the trick or treaters

ALL THAT for just twenty five English pounds! Impressive, non? We had actually been looking at a cake stand and cupcake cases in our local gift shop which were priced at £7.50 each - and the quality of the Poundland versions are exactly the same for a fraction of the price.

Poundland is definitely the place to go for Hallowe'en decorations, so make sure you take a look if you're planning on celebrating this year!

DISCLAIMER: We were given a £25 Poundland voucher in exchange for this review. All comments and opinions are honest and my own.


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