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Saturday, 19 October 2013

ASK Italian - The Perfect Family Restaurant

Yesterday Daisy and I were lucky enough to be invited to ASK Italian on Park Street, in London, to meet acclaimed chef Theo Randall and sample the brand spanking new kids menu.

ASK is our favourite high street eaterie. Not only is the food wonderfully authentic,  it's also a brilliant restaurant for kids - and these days, that is a very important factor for us when deciding where to eat out. They provide high chairs, children's cutlery and baby changing facilities. Children are encouraged to colour in their menus and can even have their masterpieces hung in each restaurant's 'gallery' area.

I'm a big fan of the Italian way of life. My family and good quality, healthy food are both very important to me, and I like to combine the two at every mealtime. We all sit down at the dining table and eat together and we all eat the same things. I think it's important that children enjoy a diverse mix of different foods from an early age and can't ever imagine having to cook multiple meals for my family to keep them happy! Mealtimes, to me, are social events - and the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together and chat about what we will be doing, or what we have already been up to that day.

ASK restaurants seem to appreciate this - and genuinely embrace families - and the chain actually came top for being the most welcoming to families in the Soil Association's recent 'Out to Lunch' survey! A very well deserved win.

The new ASK kids menu has been designed to keep our small people happy whilst also letting them sample truly Italian dishes. For £6.25 your child will receive a starter of garlic bread sticks, vegetable crudites and dip, a choice of either pizza or pasta (lots of different varieties) or an Italian chicken dish, a dessert and a babyccino. Pizzas and pasta dishes can be made gluten free on request too!

Not only did Daisy get to sample ALL the dishes on the new menu (lucky her!) but she also got to make (and eat) her very own pizza with Theo's help!

Modelling the latest in head wear, The Chef's Hat

Learning all about making pizza
Preparing the dough
Smothering it in ASK's special tomato sauce

Adding mozzarella

Looking extremely proud of her creation (and rightly so!)

Perfect, crispy, cheesy, gooey pizza

From the children's menu, Daisy's favourite dishes were the starter and the penne alla bolognese.

ASK vegetable crudites with garlic bread sticks and dip

Penne alla Bolognese

And I got to sample the delights of the grown up's menu too - the antipasto sharing board was DIVINE, as was the pork belly porchetta (oh my!!).

ASK antipasto sharing board

The best bit of the day was meeting up with Ruth from Rock n Roller Baby and Emily from Family Four Fun, two awesome ladies with awesome blogs - make sure you check them both out xoxo


  1. Fantastic post and it really was a wonderful meal and experience. I would definitely go back with the whole family, the children's meals would be perfect for them and their relaxed attitude to children felt perfect! Thanks for the lovely mention, it was great to meet you too! xx

  2. The food was amazing with company to match and the children had a great big doughy ball of fun! Thanks for the lovely mention. X


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