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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Karen & Gary ♥

Gary proposed to me in May 2009.  We had already spoken about wanting a child together and due to our ages didn't want to wait too long before trying.  We decided to plan our wedding for the September of that same year as we were both keen to be married before having a baby.

We opted for a small intimate wedding and kept everything as simple as possible.  Although we had a little money saved, having two children already and planning another we didn't want to overspend on just one day.

Gary booked the registry office and we chose to book a table at a local hotel for the wedding breakfast, with the intention of inviting guests back to our house afterwards for an evening gathering.  

I wanted to wear a proper wedding dress, but nothing too elaborate.  I chose a lovely ivory dress from Monsoon's wedding dress collection.  Gary bought a light grey suit from Next and we bought trousers, shirts and waistcoats to match Gary's for our boy's to wear on the day.  We chose matching white gold wedding rings and kept flowers simple by just ordering button holes for Gary and the boys, and I chose to have a wrist corsage rather than a bouquet.  Our cake was a plain iced cake from Marks and Spencers, which I then decorated myself.  We didn't book any wedding cars as we would be driving ourselves to the registry office.

So, all was going well.....then I found out I was pregnant.

Gary and I were over the moon.  The timing was perfect in that although pregnant my wedding dress would still fit, as I would only be 9 weeks gone and wouldn't show.  What I hadn't bargained for was the fact that my already plentiful bust would balloon immediately and the dress I had chosen would not longer do up at the side once it reached chest level.  Thankfully my mum came to be rescue with her sewing kit and after a few tears and tantrums my dress was altered.

The morning of our wedding day was gorgeous sunshine, and it stayed that way all day.  The registry office ceremony was short, but intimate, just how we wanted it.  Our boys held the rings and Gary and I walked in together, rather than the tradition of my dad walking me in.  This wasn't because I didn't want my dad to walk me in, but more about the fact that Gary I wanted to do things our way, and we felt it symbolised us entering our marriage as equals.

Gary had booked a photographer for the day, which was actually someone he used to work with.  He took photo's before the wedding, through the ceremony and afterwards, and also came with us to our reception venue to take more pictures.

We had our wedding breakfast at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel in Mudeford.  We hadn't booked a private function room, but opted for a table set out in their main restaurant.  Having such a small wedding party we felt that this would add to the atmosphere.  We had champagne on the terrace before the meal, and photographs on the lawn, and by the jetty.  The 4 course menu we had chosen was fabulous.

Everyone then made their way back to our house afterwards and our mums rallied round making teas and coffees whilst we waited for our wider family to arrive for the evening gathering.  My parents had ordered party food from Marks and Spencer's, so again our mums were busy laying out the food, and this is when we made a brief speech and cut our cake.

I can't really remember much about the evening, the time went so fast!  Gary and I were due to taxi back to the hotel where we had our reception, for a romantic overnight stay, before heading off for our honeymoon the next day.

Our wedding day was the intimate and very personal affair that we had hoped for and it didn't break the bank either.

Karen blogs at Woman Wife & Mum and you can follow her on Twitter here xoxo

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