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Friday, 4 October 2013

R & J ♥

04/08/12 Wedstival

Right at the start of wedding planning we wrote a list of what we wanted our day to be about


Looking back now there is nothing I would change or do differently about our day, which we made into a weekend Wedstival!

We had a venue with exclusive use for an entire weekend. A collection of converted farm buildings in sleepy Suffolk. Our immediate families arrived on the Friday prior to the wedding for a big share a dish supper. We had 24 people coming and going around a big table.
My cousins were over from Australia with my uncle so three boys under 10 were running noisily around. My cousins baby daughter was charming us all with smiles. There was noise and chatter around the table as we caught up with the news and passed the salt.

We set up a marquee in the grounds with miles and miles of home made bunting from my mum and hand made cake stands lovingly drilled by my uncle with plates collected from a family friend. We had jugs of sweet peas from my nanny's garden on the top table. My mum had also made flavoured vodkas and gins for each table and we had collected a hundred small shot glasses instead of favours. We had an M&S cake decorated with ribbon by my cousin.

A photo corner was set up using left over fancy dress from stag and hen do's and bulked up with trips to the joke shop. A finger print tree using the same design as our wedding invite and drawn by my nanny was set up ready for our guests to record their presence. I had handmade a table plan to tie in with the bunting theme.

It felt like such a team effort with everyone rallying round to help and support us, it cemented that the commitment we were making wasn't just to each other but to our families, and that our families would be supporting us in this commitment.

The next day we started early, girls in the farm house, boys in the barn. Hair dressers and photographers arrived and seamlessly got to work. The florist arrived and handed out beautifully scented bouquets and button holes. Two men carried a piano into the marquee. I was blissfully unaware laughing and doing sudoku with my girls and mum.

We had a slightly unusual set up in that we were getting married twice. One legal service followed by a wedding blessing in a local church. It was important to me to have the church blessing and to have the congregation asked to support us in our vows to each other. Also we got to sing Jerusalem really loudly! My new father in law read a fabulously funny Pam Ayres poem which seemed like it had been written for us, in fact people congratulated him on writing such a funny poem.

Both services were wonderful. I had expected to cry the entire day. I well up at the slightest invitation. But unusually for me I hardly shed a tear the entire day. I think I was too caught up in the excitement, that or I was afraid my waterproof mascara wouldn't actually be waterproof!!

I personally do not like weddings when I don't see the bride and groom because they are busy being photographed. We squeezed ours in between the two services so we were around to enjoy the reception drinks. Gin and tonics and Bellinis were served from the mobile bar company set up in the marquee.

A local catering company came and served an afternoon tea, my favourite meal and in honour of a dearly loved aunt who had passed away two years before. Sandwiches were served alongside fresh scones and clotted cream, small fruit tarts and edible mouse cups finished off a fabulous meal. All washed down with an endless supply of prosecco.

The wedding speeches has us all in hysterics. Daddy Morkus had two best men, both called Ben, the Best Bens! They had us rolling off our seats with their oh so close to the mark stories of my new hubby at university! They even sang his own boat club song to him! 

We danced the night away with a brilliant Dj who read the crowd just right so it was like a proper cheesy night out at uni. I changed into my converse half way through the night so I could dance some more! The Dj also kept us informed of Super Saturday which was happening in London with a bumper haul of gold medals.

The next day in a haze we had a BBQ and watched Andy Murray win his gold medal.

It was a wonderful family affair, and two months later we got the news that we would be extending that family with an addition of our own.

Good luck Modern Mummy, I hope your day is everything you want and that if marks the start of a new and exciting chapter of family life for you as it has for us.

Photographs courtesy of Patrick Leverton.

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