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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Breakdown Cover - An Essential Not A Luxury

In the current economic climate everyone is trying to save money. Whether it's on their food shopping, on their utility bills, on little luxuries - cutting costs and keeping them low is at the fore front of peoples' minds.

One thing that a lot of people think they can do without is breakdown cover. I know this because I'm one of them!

I'm a part time car owner. My husband (eeep! That's the first time I've said the H word on here!) uses our car to get to work during the week and I occasionally use it at the weekend if I need to venture out of town. In the run up to our wedding we were thinking of ways to reduce our outgoings and roadside assistance was the first thing to get the chop.

In hindsight that was a bit daft. Our car is twelve years old so no spring chicken! With us relying on it to get S to work, and with two young passengers a lot of the time, the peace of mind that comes with having breakdown cover was a pretty silly thing to give up.

In the six months we went without it, we covered a lot of miles in the car. After the wedding we even drove all the way to Padstow in Cornwall and back on our honeymoon (with both girls....  doing all that driving wasn't stressful at all! *ahem*) - and we did a whole lot of driving while we were down there too. We had five days of torrential rain and flash floods which could have caused all sorts of problems so we were VERY lucky that we didn't need the AA, especially taking all those motorways and tiny country roads into account.

That's why, now that the wedding has been and gone, taking out breakdown insurance is right at the very top of my To Do list. I’ve been a member of The AA on and off ever since I passed my driving test so I will be sticking with what I know – a well-known and well-loved brand with an excellent track record (I have been rescued by kindly AA men on more than one occasion when I’ve been a douchebag and run out of petrol, or got a flat tyre and been unable to change it by myself!). In fact I'm going to look into it right. this. second.

If you’re planning a road trip with the kids, take a look here for lots of top tips on keeping them entertained in the car! 

This post has been commissioned by The AA. 

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