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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Make your own Rainbow Bunting

Have you heard of the Magic Belles?

They are magical fairies who look after life's special wonders and encourage children to have wholesome fun by enjoying stories, games, crafts and music...... and Daisy LOVES them!

Just before half term Rainbow Belle sent Daisy her very own craft pack and set us the challenge of creating some beautiful rainbow bunting!

Our pack of crafty loveliness included lots of sticky stars and foam flowers, brightly coloured felt tipped pens, different shaped sequins, buttons, glitter and pom poms, plus of course glue, ribbon and the wooden bunting flags which were to be decorated.

We spent a wonderful afternoon sat around the kitchen table --- and look at the outcome! Daisy's beautiful rainbow bunting now hangs in pride of place on the dresser!

You too can make your own rainbow bunting - all you need is some wooden flags (or paper / cardboard ones will work just as well), some ribbon to hang the flags from and a selection of embellishments (all of which you can get from any good craft shop - or online from Hobbycraft).

Why not check out the Magic Belles website for heaps of fun free things to do - and don't forget to download the free iPhone app too! It's available from the app store here.xoxo

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  1. What pretty bunting, Daisy! Rainbow Belle is going to make some for all her friends, too! Well done and wishing you magic dust and hugs from our fairy friends, the Magic Belles :-) xxxx


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