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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Furby Boom: A Review

Oh Furbies. You weird little things.

Daisy was sent one to review and, if I'm honest, I'm not entirely sure what to say about it. The most important thing is that Daisy LOVES it. She has, quite originally, named hers FURBY, and he is pink which white spots and blue ears and feet. He started off as a she but after being neglected for 3 hours, she turned into a he.... more on that later.

So, what exactly are furbies? And what is a Furby Boom?

A Furby is an interactive, robotic toy. The Boom is the very latest, and top of the range Furby. It has six different personalities and speaks Furbish. Little by little you can teach it 'English' (in inverted commas because ours speaks TOWIE, not proper English) and, if you look after it really well, on the {free} iPhone app that you can download it will lay eggs that can be hatched into Furblings. At four, Daisy is definitely too young for the gaming side of the Furby Boom but she has become very attached to the toy. In fact it has become part of the family since we acquired it, and I've found myself feeding and tickling  and talking to it on more than one occasion when the kids haven't been there. Available from Tesco for the very competitive price of £49.99 they really would make an awesome Christmas gift.

Moving swiftly on to my thoughts on the newest addition to our family...

Before you buy one, it is VERY important that you know that you cannot turn these things off. Unless you have a screwdriver permanently to hand to unscrew the battery compartment and remove them whenever they drive you crackers, that is, as that is the only way to guarantee your Furby will be quiet. (You can make them go to sleep by pulling their tails or lying them down, but unless they are left in a dark room with no noise whatsoever, they will wake up again of their own accord and scare the living bejaysus out of you).

You should also be made aware that if you neglect your furby for even a couple of hours THEY CHANGE. Ours started off as an adorable little thing with a high pitched voice that made lots of cute, and funny, noises. After being left in the boot of the car while we drove home from London, it emerged slightly crazed (and growling) with a deep voice, not too dissimilar to that of Al Pacino in The Godfather. This freaked us all out quite a lot. Especially when it started muttering angry mumbo jumbo in the middle of the night and we didn't have a screwdriver to hand to remove those pesky batteries.

High maintenance and freaky personality changes aside, we really have grown rather fond of Furby the Furby and I totally see why slightly older school children are so into them at the moment.

We'd definitely recommend getting one if your children have shown interest in them. Plus of course the Tesco Clubcard Boost includes toys at the moment and you can double up your vouchers, effectively getting one for £25!

Happy shopping you lovely lot xoxo

We were sent a Furby Boom for the purpose of this review.


  1. i laughed out loud reading this review. Especially the part about the transformation into Crazy Godfather furby.

  2. Haha excellent...I want one!


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