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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Photobox Photo Books: A Review

Just before the wedding we were given the opportunity to review a photo book from Photobox. It was perfect timing as it meant we could have all our wedding photographs printed off after the big day, which was something we were planning to do anyway.

We opted for the A4 lay flat photobook with a hard cover (prices start at £39.99 for 26 pages) and set about creating our masterpiece.

First of all you have to upload your photographs onto the site. This is super easy and doesn't require you to download any software onto your computer like some other sites do. With Photobox you have two options - you can either let them create your book for you (in which case, make sure your photos are in the order you'd like them to be when they're printed) or you can design each individual page layout yourself.

We opted for the latter and I must confess it was VERY time consuming, however it was the only way to make sure our book was perfect as the former allocated photo positions and sizes on a totally random basis. It took me three evenings (about six and a half hours all in all) to create our book (which was 46 pages in total) but it was totally worth it!

It arrived 7 days later and Himself and I, and both of our families, were really impressed with the quality. The pages were printed in a matt finish (my choice) which made it look extra professional and onto extra thick paper too.

My only negative comments? The writing on the spine is the other way to every other book on my bookshelf. It's not the end of the world but drives my inner obsessive compulsive mad! Also there is a Photobox logo on the back of the book which, on going back to the site, I realised you could pay an additional £5.50 to have removed. This wasn't very clear on the site (in fact I didn't notice the option at all, first time round) and I would have preferred my photo book to have been produced without it.

The price of this book amounted to £59.79 (excluding delivery) which I thought was quite expensive, however the quality of print really is outstanding and it's definitely worth paying the extra for something as special as wedding photographs. It's worth noting though, that Photobox are forever putting on special offers on various products. I think if I were to order anything else from them I would wait for there to be a discount on it. 

DISCLAIMER: We were given credit to produce this photo book by Photobox in exchange for this review. All thoughts and comments are my own.


  1. This is lovely! I think for wedding photos you'd pay a bit more!
    Kerry @ Lived With Love | Parenting & Lifestyle blog

  2. I love photo books. Great way to keep special memories together. Also big fan of photobox, I've been using them for years. Great post!


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