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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Five Tips for Perfect Skin in 2014

With 2014 having arrived, it’s a great time to indulge in a few resolutions that will enhance your skin. The following five ideas will ensure you’re protected not just for 2014, but for the many years to come.

1. Sleep better

I know I've been banging on about sleep a lot recently and saying 'sleep better' is easier said than done (TRUST me, I know.... sleep is the Holy Grail in my eyes) but so many people simply don’t get enough sleep. Fast paced, hectic lifestyles can be really damaging to the skin, as the body does a lot of its repair-work while we’re snoozing. Though you might not be able to radically increase the number of hours you’re sleeping (especially when the kids have something to say about it!), you should try and remain consistent. If you have trouble sleeping, there are a number of things you can try. Taking a bath before bed can relax the body, quieten your mind and allow sleep to come naturally. Meanwhile, including a short period of reading before bed might offer a distraction from the day’s activities and prepare you for sleep.

2. Drink more

With a large proportion of the human body actually being water, it’s vital to stay hydrated. Dry, flaky and cracked skin is a common problem if you’re not drinking enough, and though you may attempt to cover this damage with makeup, it normally only makes matters worse. Drinking more water not only improves your complexion, but can also cure problems such as fatigue and headaches.

If you regularly workout, you might like to also use sports drinks to supplement your hydration. As you sweat, you can rid the body of many essential salts. Energy drinks and rehydration sachets replenish these lost salts and electrolytes, creating a holistic balance once again.

Juicing fruits and vegetables is another way to keep your skin in tip top condition. The first thing I notice when I juice fast is my complexion clearing up - and that's because I'm flooding my body with vitamins and minerals and enzymes, all of which are important for healthy skin.

3. Avoid the sun’s glare

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times or more, but the sun really does do a lot of damage to your skin. Just 30 minutes of UV glare on unprotected skin can cause problems, resulting in dryness, wrinkles and worse.

Luckily, protecting yourself from the sun is relatively easy, and you can use sunscreen to block out UV rays. If you’re out in the sun for a long time, make sure you’re carrying sunscreen with you so you can top up as needed. Wearing hats and sunglasses is also a good idea for the ultimate protection. And, if you stillcrave that bronzed-skin look, there are some fantastic fake tan products on themarket to give you a healthy glow.

4. Pay attention to skin care

If you want vibrant and youthful skin, then it’s important to pay attention to your skin care regime. You should develop a schedule that cleans your skin of dead cells, germs, oils and dirt without causing irritation. This means avoiding scorching hot water and using a gentle cleanser. Don’t scrub your skin, but massage your face in a circular motion, before rinsing away all debris and soap. Finally, for the best complexion, don’t rub your face dry, but pat it with a soft towel instead.

5. Know your body

Finally, it’s important to know your body so that if something out of the ordinary occurs, you recognise the symptoms. Take the time to look at your skin carefully and identify any permanent marks such as moles and freckles. If these change, then it might be advisable to see a doctor. Cuts and rashes should be dealt with immediately, instead of being left to linger. And, by knowing every inch of your skin, you’ll be able to stay protected and healthy.xoxo

This post was written in association with St Tropez.

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