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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Smug Marrieds v. Singletons - who's better off financially?

Apparently, being in a relationship can save you money. Who'd have thought it? 

Obviously once you have kids that's the biggest load of nonsense EVER. My two little hollow-legged ratbags eat ten times the amount Himself and I do and we have quadrupled our weekly food shopping bill (easily!) since they arrived on the scene - and then there's the nursery fees and clubs and toys and keeping them clothed in the awesome organic kidswear that I may or may not have a bit of an addiction to. Not that I begrudge any of it of course.

But fondly reminiscing about thinking back to my pre-babies, single, girl-about-town days I realised there's probably some truth in that statement.

Although we all know I'm partial to a G&T or a glass of vino (or two) (yes, even on a school night) that's nothing compared to my social expenses back in the good old days, when I used to frequent the bars and clubs of London's Mayfair every evening after work. My wardrobe was made up of ridiculously over-priced labels and I spanked a fortune on personal trainer fees and getting my hair and nails done on a weekly basis. 

Then, of course, you also have to take into account the double-household-expenditure you pay out when living separately from your loved one in the early stages of a relationship. Separate flats = separate mortgages and bills.

When Himself and I first decided to move in together we WERE in a brilliant financial position. We had a lovely disposable income that we could be utterly frivolous with and we regularly splashed on civilised meals out and lovely holidays abroad. 

Since the girls have come along I've replaced the pampering sessions and designer clothes of my single days with essentials and treats for them, so our expenses have most definitely shot back up again, and we are probably spending even more compared to our early days living in sin.

Check out this infographic -- what are your thoughts on it? xo

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