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Monday, 31 March 2014

Modern Mummy Loves ♥ The New Edition

Here's something new. Well new-ish. I've decided to resurrect an old feature I used to write. It was a bit like a diary entry; a completely personal post where I would talk about everything that had been making me smile. A positive space where I could document what the girls and I had been up to and where I could share my thoughts and feelings and discoveries. 

I'm not sure why it ever fizzled out. I think wedding things got in the way. Life got in the way. Which is ironic really as it was all the things that were keeping us busy that I wanted to write about! 

So here goes; the new edition of Modern Mummy Loves. I hope it won't bore you too much ;)


The past couple of weeks have been super hectic but brilliant fun. We've had heaps of press events, including afternoon tea with Moonpig, a shopping evening with Clarks, a BBQ (and some lunchtime vino!) with Morrisons plus the most amazing trip to Disneyland Paris which I've yet to blog about. We've also been baking Lazy Cookie Bites and making food art with items from the new, limited edition Spring range from Costa.

Bloggy things aside, we've been doing lots as a family this week which I have loved. 

Silly little things have made me smile - like Evie's first pigtails! 

Of course we all celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday - and Daisy made me the most beautiful butterfly brooch. She brought it home from nursery on Thursday and was desperate to tell me what it was but managed to keep it to herself until she handed it over to me on Sunday morning. Then she blurted out what it was and exactly how she made it while I was still unwrapping it which was both hilarious and utterly gorgeous at the same time. I'm one lucky mama for sure.

Today the girls and I had an impromptu trip to Portsmouth to have some lunch and to do a spot of shopping. We ate enough sushi to feed about ten grown men.... millions of maki rolls, salmon and tuna nigiri, beef tskune, pumpkin korroke and a whole heap of edamame beans. I love that my two little bears enjoy sushi as much as I do.

Daisy had pocket money to spend, and bought herself some pretend glasses (so she can look like me apparently - told you she's cute!) I think she looks adorable.


I've been reading up about Paleo over the past couple of weeks. I've not blogged about it before but earlier this year I was diagnosed with gallstones. It came as quite a shock as I thought I had the healthiest diet out of everyone I know! Turns out hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause them and, in my case, they are aggravated whenever I eat fatty or sugary foods. I've been forced to give up most meats, all dairy and cake (sob!) until my surgery and the Paleo diet has been recommended to me by a few fellow sufferers. I'm tempted but think I'd miss rice and breakfast cereals too much! I'm definitely going to give some of the recipes I've seen on Pinterest a go though. Yum.


Fashion wise I'm lusting after this Brighten Up dress from Cath Kidston, these Leopard shimmer smoking slippers from Ruby+Ed and and I NEEEEEEED this red brogue satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company. Possibly not altogether.


There are two songs that I've been playing on repeat over the past few days.

This one: (yes I'm slightly obsessed with Gossip Girl and yes I realise I'm about ten years late)

And this one is my current happy song - I just love it! 


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