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Monday, 31 March 2014

The #CostaFoodFun Challenge

Costa Coffee have recently launched their limited-edition Spring menu and to celebrate I was invited to take part in their #CostaFoodFun Challenge. 

The girls and I LOVE Costa. The coffee is strong, they have a huge selection of delicious treats on offer and they are incredibly child friendly so we regularly visit their Haslemere shop for caffeine and sugar hits after a particularly sleep deprived night!

The new menu is amazing and includes things like Belgian Chocolate Jaffas (light vanilla sponge, with a zesty oozing orange curd, topped with a Belgian milk chocolate ganache and enrobed in Belgian dark chocolate), Marshmallow Crispie Bites (crispy rice pieces mixed with syrup, honey and melted marshmallow and covered in a thick layer of Belgian milk chocolate), Hot Cross Buns (a sweet dough packed with raisins, sultanas, citrus peel and Easter spices, all in a unique shape similar to a muffin) and Farmyard Gingerbread Biscuits (farmyard characters made from Costa's secret gingerbread recipe and hand iced).

We were sent a huge hamper of Spring menu goodies and our challenge was to get creative with them, turning them into works of 'art'! 

I decided to give Daisy free reign with our challenge. I asked her what makes her think of Easter and she said 'The Easter Bunny' so she decided to centre her design around bunnies.

I was actually very impressed with her idea - she put the bodies together herself and told me she needed to make ears before proceeding to cut them out herself and then colour them in. She asked me what we could use for eyes and we decided to use drawing pins. 

We might not win a prize for being the most creative entry, but we had heaps of fun and I defo think Daisy was amazing to come up with the idea all by herself - she's only four after all!

This is our finished creation; what do you think?

Then, of course, the fun REALLY started as we got to eat everything!

My favourites were the huuuuuuuge jaffa cakes, Daisy loved the giant jammie dodgers and Evie was a big fan of the gingerbread.

Search the #CostaFoodFun to see what other bloggers came up with as part of the challenge - there have been some smashing pictures on Twitter and Instagram already and I'm looking forward to reading all about the fun the other families had creating their masterpieces!

DISCLAIMER: We were sent a hamper of goodies in order to take part in this challenge.



  1. Those easter bunnies are absolutely adorable. (Sorry I thought I had already commented). Maybe it was via Twitter. Anyone not familiar with Costa will think the jaffas and the jammy dodgers are normal size but what really drums it home how large they are, is when you see the ears next to your daughter. That really highlights the scale.
    Love your food art xxx

  2. Love the bunnies - so cute!

  3. that all looks so delicious, those bunnies look yummy


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