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Friday, 11 April 2014

Daily Outfit ♥ Casual Day Dress

Black floral dress - Cath Kidston Outlet, £45
Suede boots - Seven Boot Lane, £175

One of the #NYNYStyleProject prompts recently was jeans and I was chatting on Instagram about how, pre-children, I NEVER used to wear them. I've never really understood why everyone says it's so easy to just throw on a pair of jeans in the morning! What's so hard about throwing on a pretty, casual dress instead?! Surely it's even easier, as you don't have to choose a top to go with it! 

So, anyway, I'm making a bit of a stand against jeans at the mo. It's spring and I'm planning on getting an excellent tan this year (so long as the sunshine is on my side of course) and I think it's time to start getting my pins out now! The jeans have been banished to the loft with the rest of my winter wardrobe. Eeeep!

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  1. Oh wow stunning dress-love a floral tea dress and those boots-come to Mama, I adore your style beautiful lady and your jean hiding mantra-I want tanned legs too! Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday


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