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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Micro Scooters, Balance Bikes & Bank Holiday Sunshine

There's absolutely no doubt about it; Micro Scooters are the only type of scooters to be seen on.

I know Mums that have bought their children cheaper alternatives only for them to fall apart, or get neglected because they're difficult to use. Micro Scooters might be a bit more expensive than other brands but they really are brilliant. They're safe, they're sturdy (the micro has two wheels at the front for stability), they are extremely durable (Daisy has used hers daily for eighteen months and it's still in perfect working order) and, most importantly to me, they make long walks a hell of a lot easier for parents - and more fun for kids! 

I knew we would have to get one for Evie at some point, and that day came when she scooted across the living room perfectly on her big sister's mini micro. She was fifteen months old at the time - and I was majorly impressed (Daisy only mastered the art of scooting just after she turned three!)

It just so happened that Micro Scooter had asked us if we'd like to review the pink mini micro 3 in 1 for them so of course we said yes please!  It's the same scooter as Daisy's (which we know and love) but with the seat and O-bar handle. With these added extras the scooter can be used as a ride on to start with (it's suitable for children aged twelve months plus) - then the seat can be removed and it can be used as a small scooter, and finally the O-bar handle can be replaced by the T-bar (which is also included in the set). All in all, this scooter is suitable for ages 1-5 (although I know six and seven year olds that still use theirs) so it's well worth it's £79.95 price tag. 

Evie absolutely adores it and has so much fun trying to keep up with her big sister, both at home and at the park. We had such a wonderful bank holiday weekend scooting in the sunshine! I have a sneaking suspicion that it won't be long before the seat comes off and madam will be zooming around like Daisy!

At the same time, we were also asked us if the girls would like to give the new Micro Balance Bike a whirl. It's for children aged two and up, so Evie isn't quite strong enough to hold it up yet - but Daisy certainly is and she's a big, big fan.

It's lightweight and, with it's adjustable saddle, grows with your child - and can be shared amongst siblings (so long as they don't mind, of course). The wheels are also puncture and mark free so they can be used indoors as well as outside and I find them super easy to wipe down to alternate between the two. The bike isn't quite as easy to transport around as a scooter but it does fit into my notoriously tiny old style Mercedes A-class boot which is brilliant. A bigger bike most definitely wouldn't.

Balance bikes are a great way to help build co-ordination and balance skills ahead of learning to ride a proper bicycle and these ones retail at £99.95 - a perfect price for a perfect first bike.xo

DISCLAIMER: We were sent a mini micro scooter and a micro g-bike for the purpose of this review. All thoughts are my own.



  1. I really need to get my toddler one of those! She keeps nicking them off other kids! lol x

  2. That mini scooter is awesome!! Love the little seat! Lucky girls!

  3. The seat should be lower than a standard bike, so children can walk whilst sitting on the saddle. Once their confidence starts to grow, children will start running with the bike, lifting their feet of the ground and learning to balance on two wheels for the first time.

    Rather than adopting the principle of teaching children how to ride using pedals whilst being stabilised with additional wheels, balance bikes start by teaching children the principle of balance without complicating the experience with pedals and brakes. Balancing is after all the most tricky part of learning to ride, and so once mastered, skills like pedalling will come as second nature.


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