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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Our Favourite Children's CDs

You might have noticed on Twitter and Instagram that my DARLING husband bought me a car just before the long Easter weekend. YES! A CAR!!!! Brownie points to him for sure.

It's nothing flash, just a little third-hand runaround, but it's an absolute treat for us girls as we've been car-less since we moved out of London due to Himself needing our only set of wheels to get to work, and him working all. the. bloody. time. 

As lovely as Haslemere is, it is AMAZING to be able to get out of it whenever we want - and we spent the weekend at local garden centres, visiting friends and family, and we even squeezed in a day trip to the coast. YAY!

With every new car comes new driving music. Gone are the days of me blasting songs from the Top 40 out of the windows - these days it's more important to keep the little passengers entertained - so I decided to let Daisy choose the soundtrack to our road trips.*

*I may live to regret this.

These are her current top three albums!

Magic Belles Magic Music
Yes our favourite fluttery fairies have released their very first album and it's made up of seven super tracks. The music is aimed at girls aged three to seven and has positive, fun lyrics and catchy tunes that are just perfect for music fans that have outgrown nursery rhymes. Daisy adores the Magic Belles website (where kids can play games and read stories) and she is a fully fledged member of the Flutterbud Club too, which is a free online resource for kid friendly recipes and arts and crafts. The album is currently available to download on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Spotify and is currently £4.74 on iTunes.

Frozen Soundtrack
Ah yes. The Frozen soundtrack. Of course this is in the car. It has been on repeat since we first bought the album earlier this year and both girls sing along to every song at the top of their voices. I might join in too. *looks shifty*
It's available on CD and as a download from all good retailers. My CD was £7 from Tesco.
PS have you seen this clip from YouTube? It's SO me and Himself! I love the little girl sat in the back of the car completely ignoring her parents! She's like 'oh they're singing AGAIN!'

Radio Go! Go! Go!
I think this is the girls no.1 at the moment, especially after seeing the live show on Monday. It has ten ridiculously catchy tracks that sound a bit S Club 7-y, but for youngsters. I can't deny I regularly find myself singing along to it.... my favourite song is Holiday Bay, Daisy loves 'My Picture of the World' and 'Hey There Sleepyhead' sends Evie to sleep every time!
Again, this album is available as either a download or on CD at an RRP of £7.99.

Enjoy, parents! And please don't blame me when you can't get these songs out of your head! xo

DISCLAIMER: We were sent promo copies of Magic Belles Magic Music and Radio Go! Go! Go! but bought Frozen ourselves.

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  1. Just fluttering by to say thank you for reviewing our CD - we're glad you liked it! Love and magic dust to Daisy and Evie :-) xxx


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