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Friday, 11 April 2014

Stokke Steps: A Review

Over the past six weeks, Evie and I have been reviewing the new Stokke Steps seat.

We were introduced to it at the launch back in January (you can read my first impressions and full details about it here). I have to admit I wasn't entirely sold at first glance. We've always had Stokke Tripp Trapps and I loved them so much (for these reasons) that I had visions of gradually replacing all of our kitchen table chairs with different coloured ones; for us grown ups as well as the kids.

However I have to say, the new Stokke Steps has most definitely won me over since we've started using it. In actual fact I would go so far as to say I prefer it!

It is, like the Tripp Trapp, an all in one seating system that is suitable from birth. However the shape of the Steps chair is entirely different to the Tripp Trapp - as are the accessories available.

The chair, which is of course the main body of the set, has a curved back rest and a generous sized seat which gives sideways protection and kind of embraces whoever is sat in it. The foot rest is adjustable and enables children to climb in and out of the chair on their own. I would say that the main difference between the two is that the Steps looks like a high chair, whereas I think the Tripp Trapp looks more like a proper chair (albeit a quirky one!). 

For our review, we opted for the beech veneer (it is also available in walnut), with an added baby set and the baby set cushions in red. (You can also get a bouncer seat for newborn babies and a removable tray if you prefer to give your baby a place of his or her own to eat or play).

The baby set is suitable for babies that are able to sit up unaided until they are safely able to sit on a chair by themselves. The set can be attached and removed easily, without the need for tools, and the back rest is adjustable in height AND depth for maximum comfort and safety. A harness is also included with the set which was great (you have to buy these separately for the Tripp Trapp).

Evie definitely seems more comfortable in this seat; I think the curves see to that. She's happy sitting in it with or without cushions (I often remove them if we are eating a meal that might be particularly messy) and, generally, I think it feels really solid and stable and safe.

The best bits?
I love how close it comes in to the table. The Stokke philosophy is to create products that strengthen the bond between parent and child - and that grow with the child too - and this seat really enables your toddler to feel a part of mealtimes. This is really important to me - previously I've said that my best baby buy was the newborn set for our Tripp Trapp because it meant that Evie could join in with our meals from birth.

The seat, without the baby set, is perfect for that in-between stage, when your little one is a bit too big for a high chair, but still too small to sit on a regular chair.

No allen key is needed to adjust the seat in any way. We all know no one can ever find an allen key when they need one! The foot plate just slides up and down, and the baby set can be unclipped and removed really easily.

Its so easy to keep clean. It was all the plastic that put me off originally but the Steps is definitely much easier to clean than the Tripp Trapp (it used to drive me mad having to scrub the grooves of the TT that food had somehow got stuck in). I feel as if the plastic is generally more hygienic than wood.

The cushions and harness are super easy to remove for washing and wash perfectly at 40 degrees.

Not so good?

I'm being very picky here but the one (tiny) negative would be that it's bulkier than the Tripp Trapp and doesn't tuck under the table as neatly (I kept tripping over the legs when we first got it, which drove me mad!). However now we've found the perfect place for it at the table and it isn't in the way at all.

The Stokke Steps retails at £159 for the chair, £79 for the baby set and £33 for the cushions. The bouncer is also available for £149 and the tray is an additional £39. Although this sounds rather expensive for a high chair, this is one that is built to last - and can be used by your child up until they're about ten years old. 

It most definitely gets a big thumbs up from us.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent the products mentioned in this post in exchange for this honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh my goodness, if you were to buy all the bits that go along with this, it would be almost £500 - that's insane! Even if I could persuade my 2 year old to stay in his baby chair until he's 10 - neither of us would want that - I wouldn't want something as ugly as that taking up space round my dining room table.
    I love my Tripp Trapp, but a lot of the appeal was that it looked nice with the rest of my furniture, I gave no illusions that my son will still be using it as a teenager.


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