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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Silver Cross Reflex: A Review

Over the past month, Evie and I have been reviewing the gorgeous new Silver Cross Reflex. We got to give it a test drive at the launch back in January and we absolutely loved it so it has been fabulous to have the opportunity to try it out properly back at home!

I must say, it's been like a breath of fresh air after using our BOB jogging buggy for the previous few months; compact, upright, easy to fold and put away. It has proved itself to be a brilliant all rounder - great for pounding the city pavements and equally great on the country roads - plus with the added bonus of being an umbrella fold so easy to store when space is limited (and this goes for storage at home, in the car and on public transport).

The most advanced pushchair in the world?
The new Reflex lightweight pushchair honestly has everything you could wish for from an all singing, all dancing pushchair: multi-position recline (with a very easy to access and use use button at the back of the headrest), an entirely horizontal lie-flat position making it an ideal choice for young babies, an enormous UPF50+ extending hood - plus those iconic LED safety lights, but at the same time it is an uber convenient stroller (and an absolutely first class stroller at that). With the addition of the newborn accessory pack (an additional £75) you have a versatile from birth pram which can also be used with the simplicity car seat to create a complete travel system.
Other key features include height adjustable handlebars (the first I've seen on an umbrella fold stroller - and which add an impressive additional 7cm in height), an ergonomic curved seat back that keeps baby separate from the main body of the pram (allowing air to flow freely and thus providing extra comfort), a very spacious seat and puncture free swivel tyres.
The Reflex on the London Overground

It has proved to be brilliant on (almost!) all terrains (we didn't attempt pebble beaches or mud but will keep our off-roader for those trips!) and equally brilliant on public transport. It takes up next to no room on trains and tubes and is narrow enough to push down the aisles of buses. The easy one hand fold genuinely IS easy and one handed and can be performed with a baby in the other arm which is amazing. The umbrella fold also stays folded thanks to two clips, one on either side of the closed stroller.

The Reflex outside Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris

We took it to Disneyland Paris and found it the perfect travelling companion; tiny when folded (making it ideal to stow on the Eurostar), the lie flat position was brilliant for nap times and late nights (as was the extendable hood to keep things dark and quiet!) and it was a genuine pleasure to manoeuvre around the parks, even with a 32lb toddler in it!

Since our holiday we have also washed the removable seat liner, harness pads and foot muff in the washing machine at 30 degrees and can confirm that it cleans up beautifully, which is very handy with a grubby toddler climbing in and out of it, and eating in it!

The best bits.

The seat position. At its most upright it is just perfect for Evie - she can see everything going on around her! The articulating bumper bar is genius too - Evie loves holding on to it and it folds down with the Reflex without having to be removed from the chassis.

The LED side lights, of course. They are just brilliant for the country roads around here and will come into their own come Autumn, when the evenings start drawing in.

The shopping basket! AT LAST! A stroller with a decent sized shopping basket that can be accessed easily!

Not so good?
Aside from having standard stroller brakes, which we all know can be pretty flimsy, the poppers on the foot muff could do with being a bit tougher - Evie can (and does.... regularly!) kick the whole thing off.

With the newborn accessory pack (left) and Simplicity car seat and adaptors (right) the Reflex is an ideal travel system, and is suitable from birth

Although we didn't try the newborn accessories (Evie is far too big) I absolutely love that the Reflex can be parent facing when used with the newborn pack. The pack also looks super safe and cosy - it includes a protective hood with reflective fabric trim, a protective, lightweight, pullout apron that zips on to your Reflex, and a deeply padded babynest in softly-quilted, natural bamboo jersey. The baby nest also features a 5-point safety harness, with soft shoulder and buckle pads to keep your baby comfortable - and the seat liner that comes with your Reflex can also be used in rearward-facing pram mode for extra warmth during cold weather.

Whats included?
The Reflex pushchair and articulating bumper bar, padded seat liner, harness pads and footmuff, LED safety lights and rain cover are all part of the standard package which costs £250. Optional accessories include the newborn accessories pack (£75), co-ordinating changing bag (£40), Simplicity car seat (£130) and isofix base (£125).

Out of all the strollers we have used in the past this is definitely my favourite. Aside from all the points I've commented on above, I love that it can be parent facing in the early days (up to six months), I love all the colour options (there are seven to choose from) and I love the price tag! An entire travel system, including car seat and isofix base, for £580 - and from the iconic British brand Silver Cross! What's not to like?

DISCLAIMER: We were given a Silver Cross Reflex in exchange for this honest review.


  1. Its great that its a stroller but you can also use the car seat with it. Really good price and nice to be able to read a mums opinion of it.Thank you.

  2. Great review and with our trip to Disneyland Paris shortly, you have reassured me that we have made the right choice in buggy for our littlest. Thank you.

  3. Great review and with our trip to Disneyland Paris shortly, you have reassured me that we have made the right choice in buggy for our littlest. Thank you.


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