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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Being a #MorrisonsMum

If you're on Twitter or Instagram, you probably saw the #MorrisonsMum hashtag flying about all over the place over the bank holiday weekend. The reason for it's immense internet presence was because BritMums and Morrisons had got together to launch a new campaign, challenging a selection of family and food bloggers to do a bank holiday food shop at Morrisons - and write about the experience and about their bank holiday family meals in the process.

I'm not a regular Morrisons shopper, purely because the closest store to me involves a 30mile round trip in the car (and up until a fortnight ago I was a car-free zone!). However I have to say that after this challenge I am more than prepared to make that trip once a week because I'm utterly in love with everything about this supermarket! (I'm really, really telling the truth here, it was brilliant).

You'll already have read about my fondness for their Nutmeg kids' clothing range and now I can confirm that it extends to their fresh produce, knowledgeable staff and cheaper prices too. I've never really believed that there's much of a difference between the prices of the top four supermarkets but after carrying out this little experiment I was really pleasantly surprised.

Armed with £80 worth of vouchers, we set off for our nearest store in Aldershot.

Usually we spend around £100 a week (this includes nappies and wipes and a top up or two of fresh fruit/veg, bread and milk). We eat out once or twice a month too.

With my £80 I managed to do my full shop AND sneak in some cinema night treats and a couple of cheeky bottles of Bank Holiday vino! (I spent £89 altogether).

The shopping experience was a dream. YES REALLY. I have to admit that I'm not usually the biggest fan of supermarkets, namely because the ones I frequent are soul-less places that seem only to employ disinterested and unknowledgeable staff. But Morrisons had brilliant free parking, plenty of trolleys, huge, wide aisles, fully stocked shelves, an incredible range of organic and local produce and staff that know their products and SMILE! Like they didn't mind being there! I grabbed a takeaway coffee on my way in and actually enjoyed meandering around the aisles with the girls. They had music playing and everything!

Out of our shopping supplies, the two meals that I wanted to check the prices of were our Friday night takeaway and a Sunday roast. These are the two meals that we regularly eat out and in our quest to live a bit more frugally these would be the first two meals to get the chop.

We usually get a takeaway on a Friday evening - curry or fish & chips are two of our favourites. At our local chippie a piece of haddock, a portion of chips, onion rings, mushy peas and curry sauce comes in at £9 per person. The Morrisons fakeaway came in at only £1.35 a head and was equally tasty - and much better for you!

A roast chicken lunch at our favourite pub is £12.95 per adult and £5.95 for a child. Cooking it at home came in at only £1.90 a head, and the chicken carcass made a lovely chicken risotto the following day.

I was majorly impressed with the prices in store. They've cut the prices of thousands of the UK's favourite products - and I'm not talking temporary reductions either. I'm talking every day low prices, that stay low, and make a huge difference to your weekly shop. The shelves are covered in yellow markers which highlight all the permanent price cuts!

We were so pleased with the quality of the food we bought, and the service we received in store that we will most definitely be back. Thanks to Morrisons and BritMums for inviting us to be part of the MorrisonsMum family!

DISCLAIMER: We were sent Morrisons vouchers for the purpose of this review.



  1. You sound very happy with the Morrisons Mum experience. Great price comparisons. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

  2. Those meals look really tasty, I still have to write my post, delayed due to a hospital trip so playing catch up :/


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