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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Make Up Tips for Tired Skin

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Being a mum inevitably means that sleep is something that is neither frequent nor lengthy. In my case I'm lucky to get six hours of broke sleep a night, and my morning wake up call is usually at around 5am! On top of this, running after the kids, going backwards and forwards on school runs, looking after the house and cooking dinners (with some of us also working), leaves us mums feeling and looking exhausted. 

Our skin looks so dull and dead in the morning because skin cell repair often happens during the night whilst we’re sleeping, so with the children waking you up early (way too early!) in the morning, your skin doesn’t get it’s well deserved rest so you end up with a puffy pale complexion and under- eye bags. 

But there is a God, and his name is Make Up! Having several staple make up products on hand can hide those unwanted bags and will brighten up your skin and face in no time. Let’s vow to rid of the frumpy mum look!

Before applying any make up, it’s vital to use a face moisturiser so that you have the correct base and a moisturised face will keep prevent make up from fading. The Olay Complete Care Daily UV Fluid SPF15 is a great one, it doesn’t make the skin too oily and it makes for a great base when applying foundation. Spritzing some water on top of this will help hydrate the skin (one of the main reasons why you look tired).  

Investing in a good concealer is key. As long as you have one you’ll be able to hide those circles in no time. A great tip is to use a lighter shade concealer as this will definitely help to cover up any blemishes, spots or dark circles. You could use the Bobby Brown Creamy Concealer Kit to dab some eye cream under your eyes and on your lid too. It’s a high end product which means it also has a hefty price tag and there’s no brush, which is a bit of a let-down, but it's a good one. You could also use the Sleek Corrector and Concealer, which is a cheaper alternative. Either way, both effectively conceals which is the main goal isn’t it?! 

Elongate those lashes and add some colour to your face. You could use the Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara in Black (I've used this on and off for twenty years this year and it's only around £7!) to give yourself the ‘false lash’ effect; simply apply several coats to give you the ultimate volume. Using a blusher is vital, the Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher which comes with its own little brush will rose up those cheeks immediately.

If you are feeling ultra-adventurous, you could even use a bright lip colour to avert your audience’s attention from your tiredness and with summer on the way, rich reds and perky pinks are the way to go. Mac Lipstick has a lovely and bright matt texture that will leave your lips looking absolutely luscious. 

Voila, you have now transformed from an exhausted-looking mother to a beautiful cat-walk worthy mama! What are your must have beauty products, and do you have any make up tips?

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