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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Peppa Pig's Notebook: A Review

Last week we had a knock on the door from the postman who came with a big parcel for Evie! (Isn't it brilliant when they come when you're not expecting them?! We LOVE surprises!)

Yes, as part of my role as a KD Mumbassador, lucky Thing 2 was sent a Peppa Pig Notebook to try out - and it genuinely could not have come at a better time as we were in the middle of the most ridiculous fight EVER over Daisy's Disney Princess Touchpad as the parcel arrived!

Peppa Pig's Notebook is an adorable toy laptop. From the outside it's bright and bold with an unmistakable picture of Peppa on the case - but on the inside it's actually a pretty realistic little notebook! Kids are all so interested in technology these days, Daisy and Evie especially so, so educational and innovative toys like these go down particularly well with them.

The notebook has a whole heap of functions, including games, sounds and flashing lights. The look of sheer delight that appeared on Evie's face as we opened up the packaging and heard the sound effects was an absolute picture; I wish I'd been prepared with the camera. EVERYONE loves Peppa Pig and this toy is already a massive hit in this house!

The notebook features a full alphanumeric keyboard to help teach children letters and numbers and the pretend screen has ten lights and a cursor pad to move the light from folder to folder, just like a real laptop. On one setting, it makes typing noises as you hit the keys which is really cute.
Aside from letters and numbers, the games and activities also teach quantities and colours and it plays eight different nursery rhymes.
This really is a fun, interactive toy - and the best part is that it is available from Tesco and Amazon for just £9.99, which makes it the perfect, affordable gift for all Peppa Pig fans.xo

DISCLAIMER: We were sent the Peppa Pig Notebook for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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