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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Sleeping Beauty: A Disney Classic

June 2nd sees the re-release of the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty - on Blu-Ray, digital download and DVD.

There's no point in me even attempting to deny that I LOVE being able to watch all the old Disney Princess films with my girls (and all the recent ones too - er hello Tangled and Frozen!)

Aurora is one of the most famous Disney Princesses, and one of Daisy's favourites, despite her not ever seeing the film before. She loves the story; we've read it over and over and, as Daisy quite rightly points out, the Disney version of the character wears the most beautiful pink dress!

For those of you that haven't seen the film before, the story begins with the birth of Princess Aurora (voiced by Mary Costa), the precious daughter of King Stefan and his wife. To celebrate the arrival of the Princess, three good fairies - Flora, Fauna & Merryweather bestow gifts of magic on Aurora, but an evil sorceress named Maleficent places a curse upon the little Princess - that she will die on her 16th birthday after touching the poisoned spindle of a spinning wheel.  Merryweather tries to undo the damage by casting a spell that will allow the Princess to awake from an ageless sleep with a kiss from her one true love. 

Sleeping Beauty was initially released in 1959 and took nearly a decade to produce (it was Disney’s final animation that was lovingly and attentively hand-crafted using ink). It won an Academy Award for it's musical score and the whole film is utterly timeless.

It was a real treat being able to introduce the girls to this film before the official re-launch - and before the release of Maleficent too, as we're hoping to go and watch it this half term. As predicted, Daisy loved it - and, being only 75 minutes long, even Evie happily watched it from start to finish.

Pre-order your copy from Amazon here - and in the meantime, why not download these fun - free! - printables and have fun doing a Sleeping Beauty inspired string mazepuzzle and some colouring in xoxo

DISCLAIMER: We were loaned a copy of Sleeping Beauty in order to write this post. All words are my own.


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  1. my youngest went through a phase of watching sleeping beauty every day. The disney classics will never get old.


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