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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Introducing.... George Isaac Satchels

I've wanted a satchel for forever.

There's something so beautiful and timeless about them - plus they're practical, and comfortable to carry around too, which is pretty important to me both as a mother, and as a writer.

I had a dark brown leather one at primary school. In those days, you could only get them in black or varying shades of brown, and because they were part of our school uniform nobody actually liked them. Except me! I loved mine. I loved how I could wear it across my body and how I could fit my books so neatly inside (I still have a thing for having a super organised handbag/changing bag, thirty years later.)

It was my birthday yesterday and I was planning on treating myself to a little something-something from The Cambridge Satchel Company. I'd lusted after their huge adventurous bright coloured satchels, and their pretty little pastel ones too, for a long time. But then a friend on Twitter introduced me to another satchel company, George Isaac Satchels and I knew where I would rather spend my money!

George Issac Satchels was set up by Joanna Francis to raise money for the Wessex Cancer Trust; a charity that offers infinite amounts of support to cancer sufferers and their families. Joanna has lymphoma herself, and wanted to channel her energy into something positive and give something back in the process, so George Isaac Satchels was born - and a percentage of every sale is donated to the Wessex Cancer Trust.

These satchels are handmade in London by master craftsmen out of the highest quality leather and they are are available in a whole range of colours and sizes.

They are utterly beautiful; the metalwork, the stitching, the leather - everything is perfect. The best bit? They're only a third of the price of their competitors. And by buying one, you're giving to a really, really worthy cause.

Check out the George Isaac Facebook page here and more importantly, make sure you visit their online store herePlease do consider buying from them if you're looking for a satchel. You won't be disappointed xoxo



  1. Oh, wow. I've always fancied a satchel, too, and that is gorgeous. And a belated Happy Birthday, too x


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