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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Make your own Fairy Garden with Interplay

Last week Daisy received a little surprise in the post. It was a Fairy Garden craft kit from a company called Interplay.

I've never seen her so excited before; she absolutely LOVES anything to do with fairies. She spends so much time at the bottom of our garden with our neighbours' children making fairy houses and at Camp Bestival last year her favourite place was the Dingly Dell (which is full of fairy magic, for those of you that haven't been before!).

This craft box is for children aged 4 and over and contains a fairy garden bowl, fairy figurine, the things needed to make a house, path, washing line and water feature, lots of other decorative pieces, grass seeds and, of course, a sprinkling of magic fairy dust!

We spent a lovely afternoon together making a special home - and garden - for our new fairy friend. We did need to buy a bag of soil from the garden centre, but aside from that everything we needed was included in the kit. D did it all by herself - and her favourite bit was sprinkling the magic fairy dust and stars at the end!

We were both very pleased with the final result and Daisy can't wait for the grass seeds to grow (two days later, little bits of green are just starting to appear!). 

This kit retails for £12.99 which I think makes it the perfect birthday present for a school or nursery friend! 

DISCLAIMER: We were sent a Fairy Garden kit in exchange for this review. All thoughts are truthful and my own.

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