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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Party time!

Daisy turns five this November.

So far we haven't had a big party for her, opting instead for small family gatherings. But since her last birthday (she was one of the first in her class at nursery to turn four) lots of her friends have gone on to have parties, which has led to her asking me over and over again 'I had a birthday, Mummy, so why didn't I have a party?'

Talk about mummy guilt! 

The thing is I have deliberately avoided these types of parties because I know how much effort they require and how much money they cost. I figured if I could hold out until she starts school then I'd save myself a whole lot of stress!

Because we've been thinking and talking about parties a lot of late, I recently posted about party planning. I won't go into too much detail about invites and games and party bags again now, however I will say that, as Daisy starts school later this year, we have finally succumbed and I've promised her a wonderful party - in our church hall so there's plenty of space - to which she can invite all of her new school friends. When I asked her what type of party she'd like she said 'a Frozen party' (of course) and that she must get to wear a beautiful party dress. Having started a Frozen party board on Pinterest a couple of months ago (see below!) I think I can just about manage it (......if I start now perhaps.....!) and pretty party dresses are no problem!

Follow Katy from Modern Mummy's board Frozen Party on Pinterest.

I love little old fashioned dresses on my girls and thankfully they seem to like them too. Swirly ones that are great for dancing in, with big bold sashes and lovely patterns. (I'm also one of those mothers that likes to dress my daughters the same.) 

We recently had a family party to go to and the girls wore (almost) matching, gorgeous Joules dresses from House of Fraser. They both had a wonderful cream tea pattern on them, but Daisy's had the essential swishy skirt and sash and Evie's was more suitable for a younger girl with an elasticated body for comfort and super cute bloomers to hide her nappy!

I love these dresses because, although they make perfect party dresses, as they are made from simple, cool cotton they are also ideal Summer day dresses. I can see them getting lots of wear over the coming months which is very important to me when shopping for children's clothes. 

Have you held a big party for your children? How old were they when they had their first one? xoxo

DISCLAIMER: House of Fraser very kindly gifted Daisy and Evie the dresses mentioned in this post as part of their Perfect Children's Party campaign.

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