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Monday, 9 June 2014

Style for Him: A Father's Day Special

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I devote quite a lot of this blog to style related posts because it's something I'm really passionate about, but never before have I published anything about men's fashion. My husband certainly has his own style. I'd say he's influenced by the smart, skinny fitting Mod suits of the1960s and the more relaxed, casual style of the 1970s; two completely different styles that he somehow manages to throw together pretty well (don't tell him I said that).
For Father's Day this year, the girls and I are going to get him some new clothes (or possibly some vouchers so that he can choose his own because he can be a bit fussy). Here are a few tips to help you shop for - or with! - the man in your life!
The Right Style and Fit:
Find a style that suits his personality. If he loves casual, formal suits and stiff-necked shirts probably aren’t the best choice. If he already has some clothes that he loves, but that are getting a little worn-out, begin by replacing these items a few at a time. Remember that quality clothes last. The Glue Store, for example, has some really good lines that are all reasonably priced and excellent quality.
Buy the Basics:
You can never go wrong with a few standard items. Quality shirts, t-shirts, trousers, and jumpers are the basis for men’s wardrobes. Every man needs a well-cut suit at some point in his life, so if he doesn’t already own one this could be a good wardrobe addition. A nice jacket, brogues, polo shirts, and quality men’s accessories will also expand his wardrobe.
Go Shopping Together:
Take a few hours off and go shopping together in a local shopping centre. Turn it into a relaxed date, or a family day out (and try not to overdo it!). Do some research before you go and know what shops you'd like to visit and afterwards you could go for dinner or to a movie. If that sounds like his idea of hell - or yours! - you could always shop online instead ;)

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