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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide

Bump photo courtesy of the lovely Laura from Strawberries & Facecream

Although I've managed (undeliberately) to time both of my pregnancies so that the third trimesters fell during the Autumn months, I'm currently watching some of my very good, very pregnant friends struggle with this heat.

A baby is an amazing gift at any time of the year, but I've always thought that having a summer baby would be brilliant; you and your tiny bundle can get out and about in the last of the summer sunshine and, with a bit of luck, Christmas will see you celebrating the end of the sleep-deprived weeks. But as my currently pregnant friends will tell you, being heavily pregnant in the warmth of summer can be tough. Here are a few tips on how to cope. 

Eating and Drinking 

If the combination of the heat and your ever-increasing bump is making you feel that you can’t face food, fight the urge to skip meals and eat light fruit and salad-based lunches and dinners. If the opposite’s true and you feel you need to eat everything in sight just to muster the energy to get through the day, make sure you eat healthily too (although if you fancy an ice cream, have one!). It’s crucial to stay hydrated, especially if the weather’s hot, so make sure you always have a bottle of water with you and take regular swigs from in it. 


Even if you’re on maternity leave with your first baby, the best-laid plans to catch up on sleep before baby arrives never seem to quite work out. During the day nesting instincts tend to win over nap time, and at night, one of the great ironies of pregnancy is that just when you need to stock up on sleep, you can’t because of heartburn or having to constantly get up to go to the loo. And even if neither of these is a problem, getting comfortable probably is! Do all you can to settle by making sure your duvet isn’t too hot, your pillows are supportive (if you’re really struggling, you can get special pregnancy pillows - I had a 12ft long U-shaped one - much to my husband's delight - which was AMAZING) and if your partner moans you’re keeping him awake with your tossing and turning, send him to the spare room or the sofa! Keeping the bedroom curtains closed all day and installing a fan is also a great way to keep your room as cool as possible.  


When we get to the third trimester we sometimes feel guilty about buying maternity clothes. However, your comfort is of paramount importance, so put yourself first. The shops are packed with great value maternity clothes, so even if you’re not planning another baby, you can treat yourself to a few things without spending a lot of money. So when you’re stocking up on nappies and wipes, head to George at ASDA for lovely summery George maternity dresses, skirts, shorts, tops and bras that will make you feel better and look blooming gorgeous in the final weeks of your pregnancy. 

The last trimester flies by so quickly, so make sure you take the time to put your feet up when you can, enjoy something trashy on TV and daydream about the first time you look into your new baby’s eyes.... all the aches, pains and discomfort will be worth every second! 

This is a collaborative post.

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