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Thursday, 17 July 2014

An afternoon at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home with Bob Martin

On Tuesday, Daisy, Evie and I were invited to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home to hear all about their wonderful new partnership with Bob Martin, the family run pet healthcare company.

Yes, the lovely people at Bob Martin have pledged to provide all the cat litter needed by the three Battersea centres (London, Old Windsor and Brands Hatch) for the next four years - how amazing is that?

We were invited down to hear a little about the charity and the company, given the opportunity to ask a vet any questions we might have about our own pets, and were then taken on a tour of the cattery and for a socialising session with some of the animals. 

As huge cat lovers, and still pining for our beloved Pogg, we were itching to meet some of the cats and kittens. We would love to adopt another cat soon - and given the opportunity (although it's rare when there are small children involved) - I'd love to give an older cat a second chance of a happy life with us. I'm a bit soppy really; I just don't feel as if a house is a home unless it has a cat to rule it - and that's exactly what the cottage has been missing since we moved out to Haslemere.

Daisy and Evie loved meeting the residents; they both formed little bonds with two of them in particular; Daisy with Lua, a nine week old black kitten that already has a forever home lined up and Evie with Stardust, an older cat of a year and a half, who was supposedly a timid and worried soul but seemed really rather fond of the noisiest child in the place! They do say that the animal chooses the owner.... perhaps Stardust is the one for us!

Battersea was established in 1860 and has been taking in homeless and lost dogs and cats for 154 and 151 years respectively. Sadly they receive an average of eight cats every day, with the most common reasons for people bringing them in being allergies, because they're moving house, because a cat has had an unwanted litter of kittens or because their owners simply can't afford to look after them anymore.

There are over 1000 volunteers at Battersea that provide vital roles such as animal socialising, admin, gardening on site and spreading the word within their local communities. It costs £12.7million a year to care for the dogs and cats so they are extremely indebted to these volunteers - and now that Bob Martin have very generously offered to donate their Felight cat litter, it will make a real difference.

What a perfect partnership; two brilliant, long established organisations working together to help keep animals happy and healthy xoxo

We were invited to Battersea for the day but were under no obligation to write this post.

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