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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Printing Photos with the Canon Pixma MG7150

I don't know about you, but when it comes to printing off photographs, I'm TERRIBLE.

Now that everything is digital, it all just stays stored on my phone, or my MacBook or my external hard drive, and my photos never quite make it to print.

When Daisy was one I made a concerted effort to print off all the special photos from her first year but they are still all sat in their paper folders, waiting to be sorted and put into an album. Like I said; terrible!

The photos I've made the effort to print off since then have been single ones that I've wanted to frame, either as a gift or for myself. I'm pretty last minute when it comes to things like this, and also pretty impatient, so each time I've taken a photo I've wanted to print I've travelled into town, paid over the odds to have it printed instantly and taken it home to frame, rather than doing it all online. It's a bit of a pain in the bum and also pretty expensive - but I'm prepared to pay a premium for instant results.

Earlier this month Canon approached me about reviewing their PIXMA MG7150 printer. I don't have a printer at all at the moment so was pretty keen to get one, even if it was just a super simple model that meant I could print off work related stuff in black and white.

I wasn't expecting the all singing all dancing model we were sent and can honestly say it has revolutionised our lives, in more ways than one! You'll hear more about it's features over the next few weeks, as Canon are going to be setting me challenges to show just what this printer is capable of.

The first one was:

Capture an image of your children enjoying the sun at the weekend using the printer with your smartphone, and print it using the PIXMA Printing Solutions App

Yes, you can wirelessly print photos directly from your phone - and not just while you're indoors connected to your wifi either. You can also print over 3G from anywhere in the world!

The quality of the prints are exactly the same as you'd get from the professionals and, having spoken to Canon, taking all factors into account (paper, ink, electricity etc) each 6x4 photo works out as costing just 17p each. Admittedly this is a few pence more expensive than printing instantly in a shop, but when you add petrol and parking costs into the equation, and time too, I think it's well worth it to be able to print in the comfort of your own home.

So Daisy and I headed out to our local Ice Cream parlour, Dylan's in Haslemere, at the weekend. D had chocolate orange ice cream, with hundreds and thousands and a 99 flake and I had mint and cucumber sorbet. Both were divine! I took the photo at the top of this post, which we wirelessly printed without any problems whatsoever, and which is now stuck onto our fridge.

It's been brilliant to be able to print off special photographs at home, and we've been able to send them to grandparents and great grandparents which has been lovely. I'm really looking forward to learning about what else this super printer can do xoxo

The Canon PIXMA MG7150 retails at around £150 and is available from all good stores, such as Argos, Amazon and John Lewis.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent a printer in exchange for the series of posts which are to come. All thoughts and comments are true and my own.

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