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Thursday, 10 July 2014

The End of Term

Tomorrow is the last day of term for Daisy. In fact it's her very last day of nursery ever!

Daisy's first day and last day at nursery

I can hardly believe that my little lady will be starting school in September. It only seems a few months ago that I took her to her nursery for her very first settling in session. In actual fact she's been there for almost two years now and, as Evie won't be starting until after next Easter, it kind of feels like we'll be saying goodbye to the school and all her teachers forever!

This week has been crazy busy with end of term activities and admin, shopping for teachers' presents and general preparation for the holidays (sorry for the blogging silence). Tomorrow is Sports Day, followed by a picnic in the park with all her teachers, classmates and their families which we're all really looking forward to. Daisy is most definitely ready for the summer holidays now though - it's been a very long term - and I can't wait to have both of my babies at home with me for nine whole weeks! 

What have you got planned for the holidays? xoxo


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