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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Simple Things #2

Last weekend, we met up with some other bloggers at Maggie & Rose in Kensington to talk about ways in which we can keep our kids entertained during the holidays without spending a fortune. This is something I'm pretty passionate about; the Summer holidays can end up being super expensive if you let them - but that really needn't be the case. 

Kids don't care about how much money you spend on them; they're happy getting mucky, being crafty, being noisy and spending quality time with their friends and with you. There's so much you can do either at home, or close to home, that's cheap as chips - or even better, entirely free!

Here are a few ideas to keep you busy over the next six weeks!

In my first Simple Things post last week, the girls and I paid our local park a visit. We packed a picnic, took our buckets and spades and spent a whole afternoon there; it was so much fun!

How about making saltdough?
I've posted my own recipe for salt dough on here before; its SO easy to make - and the making part is equally as fun as playing with it afterwards!

A spot of biscuit decorating?
For the price of a couple of packets of sweets and a bag of icing sugar you can spend an afternoon decorating biscuits from the biscuit tin. Then you get to eat your creation afterwards with a well earned cup of tea!

Arts & Crafts
Colouring, cutting, sticking - kids love to get crafty and by collecting a few bits and pieces here and there its super easy to put together a craft box for next to nothing. Poundland is also a great place to visit to get some crafty items (glue, glitter, coloured paper etc) really cheaply.

Have a disco at home
{I don't have a photo of this I'm afraid. Ha!}
Don't pretend you're not excited.... Put your favourite dress on, turn the iPod dock up loud and have a party! Daisy and Evie danced to the entire Frozen album (for the thousandth time) at Maggie & Rose and loved every second. They loved it even more when I joined in ;)

Have a toy swap with some friends
Kids love other children's toys.... so why not do a swap for a few days? After playing with a t-rex at her cousins house, Evie is now obsessed with dinosaurs and was made up to find an entire table of plastic dinos at Maggie & Rose!

Have you got any other good ideas of fun, affordable things to keep the kids occupied this summer? xoxo

DISCLAIMER: Thanks so much to for inviting us along to this super event, and for giving us some brilliant ideas for having fun without spending a fortune.

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