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Friday, 8 August 2014

A Thank You present for my Oldest and Dearest Friend

Me & Emma in 1996

I've known my friend Emma since we were eleven but it was a few years later that we truly bonded, aged fifteen, over our love of Kensington Market, bunking off school and marlboro lights. 

We had lots of fun in those days. Gigs most nights, Sunday mornings spent mooching around Camden buying smelly old vintage leather jackets and flared jeans, getting noses and belly buttons pierced and bleaching our hair.

To be fair, we still have lots of fun these days too, although we're both much older and wiser now, and have four daughters between us. I love being spontaneous and disappearing off on long road trips with the girls - and I can always count on Emma and the kids to come along for the ride and keep us company. We both love photography, being outdoors, sushi and chocolate. *Touch wood* we have never argued in our entire twenty three years of friendship.

Emma spends a lot of time with her family in Japan and is forever indulging my love of all things Japanese by bringing me (and the girls) bits and pieces back. She is entirely responsible for my lucky waving cat collection and most of my sushi making kit is courtesy of her too. Despite us living thirty miles apart, we manage to meet for sushi at least once a fortnight and she regularly listens to me rant and puts up with me never being able to go out in the evenings. For a while I'd been thinking about how I'd really like to do something nice for her in return for all the stuff she does for me.

Then Thorntons approached me about reviewing one of their luxury personalised hampers and, although I don't eat dairy, I knew straight away who would love a great big box of chocolate.

So I ordered her the Chocolate Spectacular Personalised Hamper which was made up of 33 cup truffles personalised with her and her daughters' names, two boxes of assorted chocolates and truffles, a box of Thorntons Moments, a huge selection of toffees, fudges and caramels, a bag of chocolate smiles, another of dark chocolate gingers and another of almond marzipans and three chocolate bars; one lemon, one alpini and one viennese (these were always my FAVOURITE Thorntons chocolates before I gave up dairy!)

Then, being the true friend that I am, I invited her and the girls over for a cup of tea and let them eat them pretty much the whole hamper in front of me while I nibbled on my teeny tiny bag of soya chocolate buttons.

I wouldn't like to put words in her mouth but I'm pretty sure she completely and utterly LOVED me for my super thoughtful and delicious gift. There wasn't much left for her journey home either so I think it's safe to say she liked everything too ;)

If you're looking for a gift for a chocoholic, Thorntons is always a great place to start and their personalised hampers really are super special. The Chocolate Spectacular that we received costs £44.99, but prices start at just £24.99 which I think is very reasonable. I'm just holding out for Thorntons to start doing dairy free chocolate so I can order something for myself!

We were sent this hamper in exchange for this post.


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