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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Building Blocks

Recently Daisy has become obsessed with Lego. She has amassed quite a collection over the past few months; she inherited a pretty awesome starter kit from some friends and has been adding to it by saving up her pocket money to buy Lego friends packs. She is constantly building and dismantling, studiously following instructions, copying pictures and then being inventive and coming up with her own designs. I actually find it pretty amazing to just sit and watch her; she is so incredibly creative!

Of course it goes without saying that Evie wants part of the building action too, after all she likes to do everything that her big sister does! But the teeny tiny pieces of Lego that have been appearing all around our house are a too small for her to get to grips with, and she is also a complete monkey that likes to pretend she's eating the bricks which gives me heart failure on a daily basis!

So we decided to treat Evie to some Mega Bloks - construction sets specifically for pre-schoolers, that are made up of slightly larger blocks that are easier for little hands to grab and stick together - and bought her a Big Building Bag in pink and the Lil' Princess Sparkling Tower set from our local toy shop to get her started.

She completely loves them and now her collection (which has expanded to include the First Builders Big Building Box - 220 pieces in a super handy tub that you can tidy away into and has a lid that you can build on) is permanently kept in our front room as they are her most played with toys.

Building super high towers is awesome fun.....

As is knocking them down.....

And sitting in the tub is pretty cool too!

DISCLAIMER: We were sent the First Builders Big Building Box by Mega Bloks, but were already fans and had bought the two sets specified with our own hard earned cash! The Big Building Box is currently better than half price at Argos and, at £22.94, is well worth the money in my opinion! All thoughts and comments in this post are genuine and my own. 


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  1. my son would love these (and love Enchanted in the background)!


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