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Monday, 11 August 2014

Camping with Halfords

You probably read my post about Camp Bestival 2014 last week. It was a pretty darn awesome weekend, which we spent with the best of friends. We had a total blast.

One of the best bits about the weekend was the camping itself. Proper, old school, roughing it camping. There's something so exciting about having to build your own house for the weekend - for kids especially - and then filling it with lovely things to make it homely is heaps of fun too.

The only problem with camping is the amount of STUFF you need. Tents, sleeping bags, air beds, cooking paraphernalia. When you're festivalling as a family, you've got enough to carry as it is; it's no wonder lots of people consider boutique camping. But where is the fun in that?

But this summer the people at Halfords came up with a pretty genius idea for first time campers.... Order your equipment online and collect it at the venue. Not only does this save you having to lug all your gear from the car park; it also means you can fill your car boot with consumables and on your return journey there's room for your new tent!

We ordered an Urban Escape Atago five man tent, two air beds and two Urban Escape Garda Envelope sleeping bags (in pink, of course!) for the girls and took advantage of the collection service. It was just as well really, as with the stuff we already had, and the food we packed, there was next to no space in our car on our way there.

Once we arrived at Camp Bestival it was super easy to spot the Halfords tent. The one problem we encountered was having to queue for half an hour to collect our equipment as there were so many people paying £2 to have their air beds inflated electronically. I think some other people got annoyed by this but seeing as it was their first year, perhaps Halfords will look into having a separate collection point in the future.

Aside from the wait the collection was pretty smooth and the equipment we chose was perfect for us as a family. The Urban Escape Atago Five Man Tent was utterly brilliant. It has a living area with a sewn in ground sheet (to reduce dampness, draughts and bugs) and a large bedroom at the back that comes with a zip in divider which allows you to split it into two bedrooms. This time we used it as one big room but when the girls are  a bit older we will probably separate them so that we can stay up later and go to bed without disturbing them. There's also a canopy at the front of the tent for further shelter from the sun or rain and there are clear plastic windows throughout which are lovely. The things I loved the most were the high ceilings (there was no stooping in this tent with it's two metre head height!) and the internal pockets for organisation. There were hundreds which made keeping things tidy super easy (yes I know, I'm easily pleased).

I think Halfords' Festival Collection Service is a brilliant idea, and it's definitely something I will be suggesting to friends that are looking to camp at a festival but don't have any of the gear.

DISCLAIMER: We were given the camping equipment detailed above free of charge in exchange for our honest thoughts on the service.

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  1. I loved your review! We also went camping recently in a 5 man tent and had the luxury of airbeds. And we made our tent real girly too!!


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