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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Have you heard of The Happy's?

Neither had we, until Daisy was sent one last week! (And no, that isn't me being hideously grammatically incorrect either, it's how they are branded!).

Remember those awesome battery operated walking dogs (that also surprised us with somersaults) that everyone had/wanted in the 80s? I didn't have one but I was desperate for one... after all, they were definitely the next best thing to having a REAL dog.

Well these new toys are the somersaulting pets of today!

The Happy's are interactive, faithful and furry toy animals that play with their owners using Infrared Technology. There are four available in the range (three puppies and a kitten), and each one comes with a special treat that enables them to follow their owner and perform tricks..... They even dance to music and talk to other Happy's when they get together!

They're aimed at boys and girls aged 4+ and Daisy was sent Chase the dog who she totally adores.

These toys retail at £19.99 each and are available from all good retailers, including Argos and toy shop The Entertainer.


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