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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Keeping safe over the Summer

This is a guest post from Kimberley Watson. Kim is a proud mummy and wife herself, but when she gets chance, she’s also a keen writer, having graduated with an English degree. As a bit of a free spirit, she believes travel is the key to a happy life, and she’s going to make sure her kids see the world, too. On the off chance she’s not writing, with the family or off exploring, you can find her curled up with a good book or enjoying some delicious treats. Her 20-year-old-self would be kicking her for not saying ‘partying’, but sadly that’s just not true anymore! You can find her on twitter here

The one area that you don’t look a bit psychotic when you’re being a little too paranoid is without a doubt your children’s safety. It’s important – potentially the most important thing you’ll ever have to concern yourself over. As the summer continues, there’s a temptation to let the sun go to our heads a little, but of course, it’s super important that our standards don’t slip.

Where do your kids play? If they’re playing away from the home, it’s vital we have our wits about us and ensure they’re supervised at all times. This doesn’t mean breathing down their necks 100% of the time, but you know, be sensible, and things will be okay. Of course accidents happen, and inevitably, you can expect some rough and tumble – after all, you have to let kids be kids! Make sure though that any playgrounds you visit look safe before you let the children loose, though. If it’s a privately ran playground, you might feel a little silly, but there’s always room for recommending improvements. HC Courts provide some brilliant playground maintenance, and so it might be worth dropping the idea to whoever’s in charge.

If you just fancy a little walk around the local community park, then go for it. But just know, if your child does become injured though as a result of negligence in a public area, then you shouldn’t have to deal with it alone. According to the solicitors, Taylor Rose, if the people responsible have left the area unsafe because they’ve neglected to upkeep it, you could have a claim.

When it comes to summer specifically, the heat can make some children feel very unwell, particularly in enclosed spaces. I can’t stress enough – you should never, ever leave the baby, children OR pets in a hot car, even if you’re just ‘popping to the shop’ – it can kill. Now, that’s not exactly cheery, but some people sure need to hear it. Make sure the kids (and you!) stay well fed and hydrated and always take their complaints of illness seriously in this weather, and keep them in shade if there are any worries. Remember, pack sunscreen whenever you’re going somewhere exposed. If the hot temperatures mean the kids want to swim, that’s great, providing of course, they are able! But this is a time for extra caution.  Heed some important advice before you set off, and make sure you devote time to making sure this is a skill they have for life. 

Now that you’re loaded with the facts, all that’s left to do is enjoy the summer sun… while it lasts!


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