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Monday, 1 September 2014

Back to School with Build A Bear

As a little end of Summer treat, last week I took the girls to the Build A Bear Workshop in Kingston-upon-Thames.

I'm not sure whether you've been before, but the idea behind it is really rather cute. You go in, choose a bear (or another character), build it (more on that later), dress it and name it. It's more than just going shopping for a new toy; it's a proper morning/afternoon out - which makes it worth the money if you ask me.

Anyhoo, we headed down on a busy Saturday afternoon and Daisy and Evie set about choosing their bears. In actual fact Daisy chose Summer the cat, from the Palace Pets (her current obsession), and Evie chose a labrador dog - so not a bear in sight.

Once you've picked your new pet out, you have to build it!

You can choose a noise for it to make (a miaow, or a popular saying like 'Happy Birthday', or you can even record one yourself),  then you select a heart (and make a wish) before putting it into the main body of the toy and filling him or her up with fluff!

Children are encouraged to take part in every step of the process, which is lovely.

Once the toys have been stitched up by one of the sales assistants, its time to groom them - and then to kit them out in some new threads!

Daisy chose a school uniform for Summer, which was rather appropriate, together with two pairs of gladiator sandals for her paws, a pair of white sunglasses and a feeding bowl, and Evie just chose a dress and a brush for her puppy (cleverly named 'Dog'.... so she now has two toy dogs called 'Dog Dog' and 'Dog'.... I like it).

When your pet is completely ready, it's time to get on the computer and make their birth certificate, and once they're officially named you have to take an oath to look after them properly!

The Build A Bear Workshop really is a really brilliant experience and I love that the children get to pretty much design their own toy! 

I actually think the bear making process is very affordable, starting at only £10 for an animal, but it's the clothes and accessories that can really catch you out. With some animals having four legs (thus 'needing' two pairs of shoes) and so much choice when it comes to accessories the price soon builds up! My advice, if you're on a budget, is to let your kids know in advance what they're allowed to buy. After all, they can always save up their pocket money to buy more another time. It's pretty easy to get swept up in the moment, and before you know it your child's toy is wearing £40 worth of stuff and is better dressed than you!

DISCLAIMER: We were invited to Build A Bear and the girls received their toys free of charge in exchange for this review.


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