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Monday, 8 September 2014

Bucket List #1 - Blackberry Picking at Cowdray Park

Last month I wrote a post all about our Autumn Bucket List. Autumn is my absolute favourite season, so I thought it would be lovely to create a list of things for us to do as a family every year.

Yesterday we had a really brilliant, completely impromptu day out (those unplanned days are always the best, aren't they!). We headed off to Cowdray Park in West Sussex for a walk around the ruins and a pint in the White Horse whilst our roast cooked in the oven back at home.

Turns out Cowdray is pretty darn awesome for blackberry picking.... there were (and still are) literally thousands! We'd been totally unprepared yesterday so we went back again today; this time we were super excited - and armed with a basket to collect as many berries as we could carry in.

We came away with a pretty impressive haul of berries (and ate our body weight in them while we were there!) but I reckon there will be even more ripe for the picking in a week or so, so we plan to go back again. 

Last year we made the most amazing blackberry and clotted cream shortcake (I ate nearly all of it, it was soooooo good!). Sadly this year it's a no-no for me, what with my new dairy free diet and all, so we're going to come up with an alternative. Anyone got any dairy free/vegan blackberry recipes to share? xoxo

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